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Rockstar Games hasn’t done much in terms of events for GTA Online, instead focusing on content drops and racing content.

Easter eggs are very important, and they can be found both in the base game and in the online multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto.

There were also cross-quests between GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, which increased player chests and unlocked new items.

And now it looks like Rockstar might be working on something a little different for Halloween in GTA Online.

Things started earlier this month after Rockstar Games shared a teaser image featuring a UFO with this caption:

“Strange sightings in GTA Online heading into Halloween.”

It certainly gives the impression that something big is planned in GTA Online that will involve aliens.

We have no way of knowing the scope of what Rockstar is planning, and it’s always easy to get over-excited.

Something as simple as giving each player an Alien outfit so that they can once again compete against each other as part of the Purple or Green clans would be a good idea.

They might also think more about cosmetic considerations, which just means new things you can spend money on in the game.


No date or time has been released, but there’s a good chance the GTA Online UFO event will be available by Thursday, October 29.

Thursdays are when Rockstar likes to ditch major updates, and while October 21 seems a bit early for a Halloween event to begin, the following week might make more sense.

Tuesdays can also be used by Rockstar, meaning anytime next week could be on the cards for something special to happen.

Rockstar has confirmed that major updates and changes are planned for GTA Online, informing fans earlier in October:

“This month’s GTA Online events will also have some special surprises – including the upcoming possibility of unusual activity happening in and around southern San Andreas …

“We also continue to improve and evolve GTA Online. As you may have noticed, we have recently started to select opponent modes and player tasks in and out of the game. GTA Online offers a range of Extremely diverse in gameplay, home to more than 1,000 jobs created by Rockstar and tens of millions of other jobs created by gamers since its launch.

“By starting to bring in and out of jobs that Rockstar has created over time, not only will we free up space for new missions and modes in the future, but we are also improving the game’s matchmaking by focusing the community on a more streamlined job list from week to week.

“And later this year, get ready for an exciting new adventure in GTA Online, as some well-known contacts and close friends need your help to grow their” legitimate business “- with many more surprises to be discovered soon! “

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