GTA Online players furious as game rendered ‘unplayable’ with Criminal Enterprises update

GTA Online gamers using PS4 and Xbox One consoles have hit Rockstar Games because the recent Criminal Enterprises update has made the game pretty un-enjoyable.

It’s been almost 10 years since GTA Online first launched following the massive success of GTA V, and although the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are no more, the multiplayer side still works across two generations of consoles and PC.

It’s still possible for PS4 and Xbox One players to jump into an online session with those on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, however, a few issues have surfaced more recently.

Following the highly anticipated Criminal Enterprises update – which brought a slew of new missions, cars and weapons to Los Santos – some PS4 and Xbox One players are having a hard time getting into the games. And, even if they manage to do so, the problems do not take long to arise.

GTA Online players struggling on PS4 and Xbox One

Many gamers on social media reported the game world loading issues on previous generation consoles, noting that roads and buildings would suddenly disappear.

In a clip, posted to Reddit by user Samo1580, it’s clear the game is struggling to keep up with a high-speed chase as objects around the player appear and disappear, making it impossible to figure out what’s next. pass. Next.

“What did rockstar do to you on older consoles after the update…it’s unplayable…” said one gamer. “My PS4 has been working perfectly with GTA for almost a decade and when I restarted the game for the update a few weeks ago it immediately started doing so,” added another.

Some gamers are convinced that Rockstar is intentionally stacking GTA Online with tougher updates to try and “kill” the previous generation of consoles.

“Maybe they’re really forcing us to move on to next-gen. Traveling is a big part of the game, playing like that is awful,” one fan said. “GTA is the only game I play, I have Already bought a PS4 so I can keep playing it but I’m not buying a PS5 just so I can keep playing a decade old game. So if this continues I guess my time with GTAO is coming to an end,” added another.

Other gamers have noted that it would understandably be difficult for older consoles to handle everything Rockstar has added over the past few years, and that it could just be a “sloppy” piece of code.

It remains to be seen if the developers will be able to fix the issues or if they will shut down the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA Online before long.

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