GTA Online Player recreates the iconic pink Simpsons car in the game

A GTA Online player shared his latest creation on Reddit: the iconic pink Simpsons car, with Bart Simpson as the driver.

A GTA Online the player has just shared his interpretation of the car belonging to The simpsons family. The iconic pink car, seen in the series’ opening credits scene, now has its own in-game version, alongside a version created by user of mischievous Bart Simpson.

GTA Online users have always been a community to create unique pop culture references and designs using the in-game car and character customization options. The Character Creator, which allows for detailed control of skin tone, hair and skin. of a character’s facial structure, often inspires players to create celebrities and famous people in the game. Likewise, the body shop gives players great control over the appearance of their vehicles, offering options to customize everything from color to roofs and bumpers. With so many creative possibilities available to gamers, it’s no surprise that the GTA Online community is full of users inspired to recreate their favorite characters, such as a player who coordinated a GTA Online bank robbery with Scooby doo characters.


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Reddit user TheRealBigSmoke99 shared his own brilliant creation on Reddit this week, showing off his recreation of Bart Simpson and the family’s iconic car in GTA Online. The car and character are dead ringers for their intended credentials – although this version of Bart is much larger due to character creation limitations, the adult version still matches the iconic 10-year-old. The car even includes a reference to a classic The simpsons joke from season 6, in which Homer is fooled into thinking that bullet holes on a car are actually “speed holes” that will make it go faster. He then goes home and tries to fit some on his own vehicle, a detail TheRealBigSmoke99 has included here. This Redditor is far from the first to refer to the classic sitcom in a video game; a Animal crossing recreated player The simpsons‘The meme of steamed hams last month.

See the original post on Reddit here.

It’s not always easy to recreate a cartoon in a game with a realistic graphic style, even with a game that offers extensive customization settings like GTA Online. TheRealBigSmoke99 expressed that they were having difficulty with the finer points of the design, like finding the perfect shade of pink for Homer’s car using the in-game RGB color wheel and finding a vehicle that fits. The simpsons archetype of car both in form and in the number of doors. Despite these small hiccups, Reddit users were immediately impressed with the attention to detail and use of GTA Online features, flooding the user with well-deserved praise in the comments.

Communities of creative players, like those who remake Squid game challenges in GTA Online, are a major contributor to the longevity and popularity of games like GTA Online. Players take inspiration from the creations of others to create their own unique characters and designs, which can help games feel fresh and new even after years in the market. When users refer to fan favorites in popular culture, like this The simpsons masterpiece, interest in creating new in-game content is further amplified. Time will tell what the community will produce next.

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Source: TheBigSmoke99 / Reddit

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