‘GTA Online’ finally gets one of its most requested features

Rockstar has announced that GTA online will receive “new gameplay updates” and “most requested improvements and experience upgrades”, including a major change that will allow players to sell their trade goods in invite-only sessions.

Yesterday (July 7), Rockstar released a blog post outlining the company’s plans to GTA onlinewhich it is said that “more players than ever” are playing.

The blog shares this GTA online will receive “new gameplay updates” and “the best improvements and upgrades to the experience requested by the community” this summer, including the ability for players to start selling missions through sessions on invite only.

GTA online fans have been asking for this feature for years, as in the current state of the game, players can waste hours spent gathering trade goods if another player on the server decides to destroy their transport during the sell mission.

GTA online. Credit: Rockstar Games

More “long requested” features are coming to GTA online includes the Force Booster of the Oppressor MK 2, a flying motorcycle that has become the go-to vehicle for those looking to spend their time killing other players.

There will also be a “more convenient” way to collect snacks and bulletproof vests, and increased payment for all missions and tasks in GTA online. This includes increased payouts for Bodyguards, Associates, and MC Members, as well as certain Endgames and Heist Races.

Beyond these quality of life improvements, Rockstar also shared that the upcoming update “will expand on the criminal careers of executive, biker, gun, and nightclub owners – alongside to a set of contact missions that offer the chance to be sworn in as an IAA Special Field Agent to investigate a budding criminal conspiracy.

However, it’s not all good news for Rockstar fans. In the same blog post, the company announced that it was pausing “major themed content updates” for red dead online so that it can focus its development on GTA 6.

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