Great Nintendo Switch games with LGBTQ+ themes

Throughout video game history, LGBTQ+ topics have been covered in a variety of ways, some terrible and some relatively good. However, it seems over time, talented indie developers are putting the category in the spotlight it deserves, making it a perfect fit for a host of video game genres.

Luckily, there are a plethora of fantastic games out there that have great queer representation and provide unforgettable experiences throughout the game. Whether it’s canonically LGBTQ+ protagonists, non-binary characters, or queer romance options, the Choosing a great LGBTQ+ game is easier than ever, especially on the Nintendo Switch. With Pride Month in full swing, there’s never been a better time to enjoy some fantastic LGBTQ+ video games.


8 underworld

underworld is a fast-paced fantasy roguelike that tells the story of Zagreus. He is the son of Hades, the god of the dead, and desperately seeks to escape his father’s hells and torments. In doing so, he meets fantastic characters from Greek mythology, who will help him or send him directly back to his father.

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Zagreus is canonically bisexual, having romantic itineraries with both male and female characters. The game also includes lovers Achilles and Patroclus, and other mythological characters that researchers believe are LGBTQ+. Hades is mixed with LGBTQ+ characters and ties it all together perfectly with literature.

seven Ikenfell

While it’s likely that early adolescence through early adulthood hasn’t been the best experience for many, it’s where many LGBTQ+ people really find themselves. They confide in friends, research and really work to discover both their sexuality and their personality.

It’s all told in a wonderful, magical story that features a range of LGBTQ+ characters, including non-binary characters and a teacher who uses neo-pronouns. Ultimately, it’s a fantasy game where players take on the role of magical students out to save the world and find themselves in the process. It’s comforting, tense and charming, all rolled into one.

6 Subtitle

Some of the best indie games around have multiple endings, fantastic soundtracks, and lovable characters that are both heroic and villainous. Subtitle has all three and succeeds with every step the player takes in this monster-filled fantasy world. It also features a few LGBTQ+ characters, especially if players get a certain ending.

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The main character is referred to as them throughout the game, which is wonderfully affirmative for all non-binary gamers. Additionally, there are subtle LGBTQ+ representations in some characters that cannot be mentioned due to spoilers. Players will just have to play it and see.

5 Stardew Valley

This game represented same-sex marriage long before it was fully legal in some countries. It offers the ability to marry whomever the player chooses – once they romance them, of course.

Basically, Stardew Valley is a marvelous farming simulation game in which the player inherits a lovely farm and builds it to help keep the Joja Mart company out of town. There’s plenty to do, including romance singles and eligible bachelors. Regardless of the gender of the protagonist, he can make love and marry whoever he wants.

4 Celestial

At its tip, Celestial is a challenging platforming adventure driven by a gripping narrative told by fantastic characters. However, the underlying story is that of protagonist Madeline, who struggles with both her sanity and her own sense of self.

Madeline is canonically transgender, and because of this, many trans gamers might relate to her struggle, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the game and enjoy the story, even if the gameplay is a bit difficult.

3 Life is Strange: True Colors

As one of the most recent additions to the critically acclaimed series, Life is strange, true colors explores bisexuality and many other LGBTQ+ experiences throughout its engaging and mysterious gameplay. It tells the story of the protagonist who searches for what happened to his brother after finding him. It’s a fantastic mystery with a narrative that will draw anyone in.

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The main character, Alex, is bisexual, and players can make choices regarding the romantic side of the story. Players can choose which love interest between genders they want to pursue, and it has very little impact on the story as a whole, which is great.

2 dream dad

Some of the best LGBTQ+ video games have an underlying story or message that resonates with their players. Celestial in the struggle for identity, Ikenfell has the process people need to go through when discovering their own sexuality, and dream dad is all about the struggles that can come from being a gay dad.

This message is integrated into a fantastic dating simulator in which the player becomes his “Dream Daddy” and seeks love through other dads around them. It’s an enjoyable experience and a message that really gets players thinking.

1 The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds only needs one word: Parvati. She is one of the few odd characters in the game, but she leaves a lasting impression on the protagonist and is capable of being a companion for the rest of the game.

She has a fantastic admiration that later turns into a love for the talented engineer Junlei Tennyson. The whole quest is a marvel to experience and players can see everything from gushing about her to being brave enough to ask her out on a date. It’s a quest many will never forget and it’s for all the right reasons.

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