Grand Theft Auto Online player’s attempt to kill player AFK doesn’t go as planned

grand theft auto online has all kinds of players, including those who are primarily there to annoy others. Entering a public hall in GTA online can easily lead to a player dying at least once due to someone else’s machinations, but it doesn’t always work in favor of the attacking player.

This was the case for a player who was out of the game when he was suddenly targeted. However, in a funny turn of events, the attempt to ruin the player’s day failed and left the GTA online searing grief.


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GTA online Gamer and Reddit user zooniVr shared a brief gameplay snippet from the encounter. Their character, who can be seen completely inactive, is suddenly hit by another player while driving a car with the new chameleon paint jobs from GTA onlineof the extended and improved version. The car directly hits zooniVr and pushes his character against a wall, where he falls to the ground. Its health only drops a fraction of the bar, so the attacking player continues the assault, repeatedly backing up and running at zooniVr and eventually opening fire on them as well.

However, it all ends up being for nothing. zooniVr returns to the game around the time his health becomes half empty, at which point he opens his menu and goes into passive mode. Passive Mode prevents players from being harmed by others or attacking them themselves. In other words, once the mode was activated, there was nothing the attacker could do to inflict more damage. According to zooniVr, they sent them angry and threatening messages soon after, presumably furious that their attempt at heartbreak had failed so spectacularly.

Other players in the comments were quick to rally around zooniVr, sharing their own experiences of being targeted by griefers. It’s unclear what, if anything, turned zooniVr into a target here, but some pointed out that the attacker was low level, so maybe they just saw them as an easy target given he was obviously AFK.

While Passive Mode is an option to avoid these kinds of confrontations, players rejoiced when GTA online launched its latest update. The update made it possible to perform many missions, jobs, and sells without having to enter a public lobby, allowing players to complete these tasks completely solo or alongside friends in a GTA online invite-only setting. This allows players to complete their work and earn money without others destroying their hard work before they can profit from it. However, random attacks like these will likely continue whenever players are in public lobbies. In such a situation, the only thing a player can really do is stay indoors, switch to a private server before moving to AFK, or come back at the perfect time to ruin griefers’ attempts, as did zooniVr.

GTA online is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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