Goldeneye and 9 other classic N64 games we’ll probably never see coming online


The current generation of video games has introduced many exciting new perspectives, and Nintendo’s Switch has already made significant waves. One of the biggest additions to the Switch in recent years has been the Change online service, which included a library of retro Nintendo games to enjoy.

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The audience was eager for the service to dive into Nintendo 64 outputs, and it finally arrived with the Switch Online “Expansion Pack”. Nine Nintendo 64 games will launch, with at least seven more that have been promised. A number of classic titles have already been included, but some games might never make it to the service despite being praised.

ten Goldeneye 007 was the ultimate multiplayer experience but lost in legality

Goldeneye game n64

Withers 007 is still considered a superlative N64 game, and similar titles have failed to capture its magic. Golden eye Washingtonis not perfect, but it was the perfect combination of elements that came at the right time. Fans have gotten used to the idea that they won’t be able to work Withers 007 on a modern Nintendo console. There are just too many issues involved, not only with Rare now owned by Microsoft, but also the fact that Golden eye is part of the massive James Bond franchise. There are simply too many parties that need to be involved.

9 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is the start of a classic franchise but part of a bigger whole

Rogue N64 Star Wars Squadron X-Wing Mission

A bit like with Withers 007, although Star Wars: Rogue Squadron represents one of the best games to hit the Nintendo 64, it is still a Star wars and Disney property more than anything else. The Rogue Squadron games are iconic for both the N64 and the Gamecube, so it’s a shame the franchise’s good start probably doesn’t hit Switch Online. If only Star wars the game is coming to the service, it will probably be Shadows of Empire, which has the honor of being an N64 launch title.

8 Turok: Rage Wars is specially designed for multiplayer

N64 Turok Rage Wars Alien Battle

The Turok: Dinosaur Hunter The series was very important to the Nintendo 64, not only as a more creative type of mature shooter, but also between Nintendo’s relationship with Acclaim. Turok: Wars of Rage is an offshoot which specifically is aimed at the multiplayer of the series and offers a deathmatch experience.

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Turok: Wars of Rage was an important multiplayer shooter for the N64, but not anymore. The Turok the games have received remasters, but the fact that it’s also technically a comedic adaptation doesn’t help its odds. If a Turok the game was supposed to arrive on Switch Online, it would be the original, not Wars of Rage.

7 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is ​​another outdoor property unlikely to return

N64 Rainbow Six Mission

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six represents a iconic tactical shooting franchise, which were certainly rare on the Nintendo 64. Tom clancy The series is still strong in the gaming industry, but the introduction of the N64 to this world isn’t the smoothest translation of the product. It’s a pretty impressive game for the time, but there isn’t enough nostalgia to make Nintendo 64 rainbow six seem useful in a modern context. The fact that this is owned by Ubisoft also likely seals the deal. Switch Online selections are moving towards more user-friendly titles, and they already have Reclaim.

6 Bomberman 64: The Second Attack is one of the rarest and most valuable N64 games

N64 Bomberman 64 Second Attack Blast

Bomberman is a character who doesn’t differentiate between consoles, but he has had some exciting Nintendo exclusives that push the character into the adventure and platform genres and manage to hold the landing. Bomberman 64, hero of Bomberman, and Bomberman 64: The Second Attack are all excellent, but the latter has become one of the rarer and more coveted titles for the retro Nintendo console. Unfortunately, for this reason, it probably won’t become readily available on Switch Online and play with those numbers. The two of the other Bomber titles are more likely, but they would still be a major surprise.

5 Silicon Valley space station is too strange and bound to slip through the cracks

Silicon Valley N64 Bear Space Station

Silicon Valley Space Station is as strange as it sounds, and it’s a inventive platform puzzle where the player jumps between the animals through the use of a sensitive electronic chip. The game is a bit rough around the edges, but that adds to its character, and it deserves credit for the original premise that takes advantage of Nintendo 64 hardware.

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Silicon Valley Space Station has its dedicated hardcore audience, but if Nintendo is to narrow down its choices to about two dozen games, then their most common successes will be the games that get the spotlight.

4 Snowboard Kids is unlikely to beat Nintendo Racing properties

N64 Snowboard Kids Race

Atlus is responsible for some particularly creative and unpredictable video games, and they have been a valuable partner for Nintendo over the years. Snowboard Children and its sequel are surprisingly deep racing games that have unique characters and try something different through snowboarding. They are part of best racing games for Nintendo 64, but Switch Online already has Mario kart 64 with F-Zero X also on the way. That’s probably enough racing games for them, and if they really want a snowboarding title, they’ll look to 1080 Snowboard. It’s a shame that more people don’t experience it Snowboard Child oddity.

3 Rayman 2 is a platformer classic that looks like a chimera

N64 Rayman 2 Boss Fight

Some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences on Nintendo consoles are lived through the platform genre, and the Nintendo 64 offers some great games that don’t stumble with the push for 3D gaming. The Rayman series keep going strong, but Rayman 2: The Great Escape is considered a high first mark in the franchise. Rayman 2 stands out as a fulfilling and lengthy platform game for the Nintendo 64, but while it’s making its mark on the console, it’s a cross-platform game developed by Ubisoft, not Nintendo. They have their own platform heroes to use.

2 Gauntlet Legends is a difficult arcade experience to recreate

N64 Gauntlet Legends Character Selection

Legends of the Gauntlet is one of those games which is at its best when played with four friends who can use all the different characters and attack this fantasy world as hard as they can. Beginning as an arcade title, Nintendo 64 Legends of the Gauntlet is one of the best party experiences for the console, but it’s a Midway property, which is the main reason it probably won’t appear. There are other more popular Midway contributions for Nintendo that have not been featured, indicating the same fate for Legends of the Gauntlet.

1 Rare’s Perfect Dark has moved to Microsoft

As much as the N64 Withers 007 is billed as a multiplayer masterpiece, Rare improves upon the formula with Perfect black. The original shooter creates a terrific new heroine with Joanna Dark, and it’s more ambitious than Golden eye in almost every way. There is a lot to love about the game, both in terms of the wild story and creative weapons. The Dark perfect series lived through the Xbox and while Banjo-Kazooie is on its way to Switch Online, other rare games like this are unlikely to make the cut.

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