Fred Durst Launches Limp Bizkit’s US Tour With Corny Dad Vibes

Limp Bizkit kicked off the US leg of his Still Sucks Tour in Tampa, Florida on April 28 and Fred Durst opened the show with big nerdy dad vibes before kicking off, you guessed it, “Dad Vibes.” .

Sitting in a hideous, grimy recliner, Durst leaned back in his familiar fatherly clothes and pulled out a remote control with an extendable antenna. He pressed a few buttons to no avail before pulling a microphone out of the crevice of the chair, looking around the stage to locate the rest of his bandmates. “Where the hell is everyone? he asked before shouting DJ Lethal’s name and the record player then lined up for the backing track “Dad Vibes”, which Durst rapped over, moving from his seat to a standing position on the scene.

Watch the fan-taken video of the show’s opening further down the page.

The nu-metal mavens’ first show of the year took place in late March with an appearance at the Vive Latino festival in Mexico, but the night was hampered by technical issues, which guitarist Wes Borland said were partly due to the lack of Sound check. So much for that”YesWe bitches ask for a soundcheck / Check, one-two, bitch / You’re barely touching the ground yet“, lyrics present in the opening song of this concert, “Out of Style”.

In Tampa, however, things seemed to be going without a hitch as Limp Bizkit ripped through a set dominated by seven songs from their 2000 album. Chocolate starfish and hot dog flavored water.

The top of the set was brand new before a mix of classics and covers took over, with “Dad Vibes”, “Out of Style”, “Dirty Rotten Bizkit” and “Pill Popper” all getting fire. green, the last of which was played live for the very first time.

Catch Limp Bizkit on the road on these tour dates and check out the full tour kickoff setlist below.

Limp Bizkit, Intro + “Dad Vibes” — Live April 28, 2022

Limp Bizkit Setlist – April 28, 2022 (via

01. “Dad Vibes” (Fred and Lethal only)
02. “Out of Style”
03. “Dirty Rotten Bizkit”
04. “Pill Popper” (first time performed live)
05. “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)”
06. “Hot Dog”
07. “Party Up (Up In Here)” / “Walk” (DJ Lethal interlude)
08. “My Way”
09. “My Generation”
10. “Livin’ It Up”
11. “Nookie” (until the second chorus)
12. “Full Nelson” (with fan on vocals)
13. “Jump Around” / “Hip Hop Hooray” / “Just a Friend” (DJ Lethal Interlude)
14. “Thieves” (Ministry cover, instrumental jam)
15. “Faith” (George Michael cover)
16. “Take a Look Around” (“Counterfeit” intro played)
17. “break stuff”

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