Fortnite Disappoints Everyone With Horrible In-Game Feature

Fortnite has been under criticism for some time now. Since the start of Chapter 3 Season 3, fans have expressed their displeasure with the XP grind. The most recent fiasco involved the game breaking completely for unknown reasons, but it’s not under the developer’s control.

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However, when it comes to things that can be controlled, Epic Games often makes good decisions, whether it’s crossovers or competitive playoffs. But it seems their latest calls have fallen short, leaving many fans disappointed.

Bound Fortnite cosmetics are bad for business

When it comes to creative control, Epic Games gives players the freedom to use whatever cosmetics they own in-game with any character they see fit. This leads to some of the craziest outfit combos in the game. While they don’t look good, they appeal to individual players.

However, late developers monitored and blocked some cosmetics. The latest are Gaara (outfit) and Gaara’s Sand Cloud (glider). According to the description set in the game, these two cosmetic items can only be used with each other.

Since these Fortnite cosmetics are paid for by the user, directly or indirectly, limiting their use makes no sense. Here’s what a few fans have to say on the matter:

Although it bothers some, the argument that companies want exclusive cosmetics for their characters is a fair assessment. However, Epic Games seems to do this even with their original characters.

For example, the queen’s procession (glider) can only be used by those wearing the queen’s skin. Since Epic Games owns the character, controlling and limiting the use of the glider makes no sense. But there could also be a valid reason behind it.

Integrating cosmetics into Fortnite isn’t easy

As we have seen many times, integrating cosmetics is not the easiest task. Some items, when used on certain skins, break cosmetics and cause glitches, leading to unpleasant gameplay experiences or graphical errors.

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Since some animations for cosmetic items are more complex than others, perhaps limiting them to certain outfits is the best option. That is why the procession of the queen (glider) is only related to her outfit. Even if it’s disappointing, it’s probably done with good intentions.

A good example of why this kind of control is needed can be seen in the Go Cat Go Kit emote. When used with the Kit outfit, the emote works perfectly. However, when forcibly used in other outfits, it looks like something you would see in a horror movie. The skins are twisted and deformed.

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So, while it may seem that Epic Games limits players’ use of cosmetics after purchasing them by spending V-Bucks, that’s far from the truth.

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