Fort Worth Library Strengthens With Lending Of Video Games

If you have a Fort Worth Public Library card, you can now play video games for free at home.

Borrowers can now purchase games for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch at any of the system’s 17 branches. The process is the same as checking a book.

Library spokeswoman Theresa Davis said such a collection was not common in the region.

“To the best of our knowledge, [in] larger library systems in North Texas, we are one of the first to do this, ”said Davis.

The offering of this new service will hopefully get more people through the doors, she added, where they can discover what else the library has to offer – be it books, movies, Wi-Fi hotspots or sports kits in the yard.

“Someone comes in for something they hear about, and then they’re blown away,” Davis said. “It’s really exciting for us.”

Borrowers can view two video games at the same time. The loan period is three weeks, but it can be extended if no one else is waiting for the game, Davis said.

The library has stored over 1,000 titles for all ages, in a variety of genres. The collection includes classic series games like THE Legend of Zelda, Sonic the hedgehog and Super Mario Bros., as well as new favorites like Persona 5 Royal and The Last of Us Part II.

The Fort Worth Public Library isn’t the first library in Texas to loan out video games. Libraries in McAllen and Long-term vision offer them too.

Public Library Association president Melanie Huggins said she didn’t know any data on the number of libraries across the country lending video games, but she does know that libraries have been doing so for years, including the one that ‘she runs in South Carolina.

“It’s all about access,” Huggins says. “Rural communities, maybe communities where there isn’t as much disposable income, where kids don’t have the ability to download games to their consoles or use them that way, I think you will see more use and popularity there. “

About 26% of libraries have consoles where people can play video games in the library, according to the Public Library Association’s Public Library Technology Survey 2020.

Davis, of the Fort Worth Public Library, said the video game collection will grow. Librarians will be more interested in what is popular and accept recommendations from the public, just as they do with books.

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