Every Fallout game ranked from worst to best


Yes, “Fallout 76” has the worst metacritic score of any game in the franchise. Before its release, the game seemed like a dream come true. Set just 25 years after the nuclear apocalypse, “Fallout 76” promised players the chance to explore a massive environment in the Appalachians with up to 24 other players. Then the game bombed upon release.

At launch, “Fallout 76” looked like the biggest ghost town in the world. There were no human NPCs in the game. Instead, players were given quests by collecting Holotapes, finding lost notes, or talking to the occasional robot. The game’s history has attempted, but largely failed, to justify the lack of humans in Appalachia, and the awkward party mechanics and multiplayer elements did nothing to make up for that. It seemed like the game was designed without considering what fans really like about “Fallout”.

Bethesda suffered a great heat, but never stopped working to improve the game. A number of massive free updates have since improved many aspects of the game. There are now NPCs, questlines, and traditional dialogue trees. Interacting with other players, which is still optional, is now a really enjoyable and useful experience. The game has also been rebalanced, so players can focus on exploring the ridiculously large and incredibly detailed environment at their leisure.

In 2020, Kotaku acknowledged the improvements to “76”, saying, “They finally did it.” Today, “Fallout 76” is the greatest “Fallout” game you’ve ever played, and you can take your friends with you.

Release date: November 14, 2018

Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Kind: Action, RPG

Game modes: Online multiplayer (up to 24 players)

Metacritic score: 52 (PC), 53 (PS4), 49 (Xbox One)

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