European PlayStation gamers get more platinums than US gamers, Sony reveals

European PS4 and PS5 players are more likely to earn platinum trophies than their US counterparts, a Sony presentation has revealed.

As part of the CEDEC 2022 Game Developer Conference held online in Japan last week, transcribed by 4GamesSony’s Kenjo Akiyama, who heads Tokyo’s global development technology department, gave a presentation on PS4 and PS5 user behavior in the United States, Europe, Japan, and the rest of Asia.

As part of his study, Akiyama concluded that Japanese players tend to have a higher overall trophy completion rate per game, suggesting that they play a single title for a long time and earn a lot of trophies in that time. game before moving on.

However, Akiyama found that in terms of the highest tier platinum trophies, which are awarded for collecting all trophies in a game, players from Europe and Asia (excluding Japan ) are the most likely to win them, while players from the United States are the least likely to win them. do it.

Akiyama also pointed out that while Japanese players are ranked almost as low as the United States in earning platinums, when it comes to games considered the most difficult, Japan and the rest of Asia tend to get platinums. turntables much more frequently than their western counterparts.

Akiyama suggested this means Asian players have more of a “never give up” attitude and are determined to overcome the toughest matches.

To reach his conclusions, Akiyama looked at all the titles released in the past year that ranked in the Top 100 by region, were released in all regions, and won a platinum trophy.

He then created a list showing the average trophy completion rate for each game across the Europe, USA, Japan, and Rest of Asia regions, ranking each region from 1st to 4th for each game.

According to Akiyama’s findings, Japan came out on top by far the most often, meaning Japanese players were the most likely to get more trophies in a single game.

European PlayStation gamers get more platinums than US gamers, Sony reveals
(Slide translated by VGC)

Akiyama then created separate leaderboards that focused only on each game’s platinum trophies, to see which regions were earning platinums more frequently.

Europe and the rest of Asia frequently top this list, suggesting that they are more committed to 100% game completion.

The United States, meanwhile, ranked last out of the four regions, earning more platinums than anyone else in just one of the games analyzed.

Adding more complexity to the picture, Akiyama pointed out that while the number of turntables in Japan was also relatively low, when it came to games considered the most difficult on the list, Japan and the rest of Asia had tend to get platinums much more frequently than their Western counterparts.

European PlayStation gamers get more platinums than US gamers, Sony reveals
(Slide translated by VGC)

Elsewhere in the presentation, Akiyama found that free-to-play games are played far more in Japan than in other regions, but far less frequently in the rest of Asia, where other genres are more popular.

Conversely, the United States and Europe play online multiplayer games more than players in Japan and the rest of Asia.

Meanwhile, while all regions purchase more digital games than disc-based games, the percentage of disc-based games purchased is highest in Japan and lowest in the United States.

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