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Bethesda Softworks revealed new enhancements and updates for The Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox and PlayStation. The Walking Flame update has already caught on on PC and Mac, so now the team is gearing up for its console release. The content will officially release on current and next-gen versions for Xbox and PlayStation on September 8, with a number of in-game changes and improvements that you will find interesting. We have a quick look below with the latest trailer.

Prepare for the fire in Elder Scrolls Online, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

Every 19 million Elder Scrolls Online Players to date can look forward to Update 31, a base game patch that will include a host of bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as new homes, furniture, and guests available in the Store. at Crowns in-game. Here are some key improvements to the console update when it arrives on September 8:

  • Dynamic resolution scaling enabled for Performance mode on Xbox Series X | S and PS5, resolution scaling on Xbox Series X and PS5 between 1080p-2160p and on Xbox Series S between 1080p-1440p
  • For all consoles except the base PS4 and the base Xbox One, a new HDR mode known as “Default” is coming to the Waking Flame DLC, a brand new setting to keep the intended appearance of the original illustrations of the game while taking advantage of the increased range. For gamers who prefer the look of ESO in HDR at this time, this mode will remain an option under the name “Vibrant”.
  • For PC gamers, the console’s multithreaded rendering setting that debuted with Improved console in June will arrive on PC via a new beta opt-in setting, a feature intended to increase frame rates

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