Dying Light 2 – Where To Find Every Easter Egg Weapon

Your reward for completing this massive task is arguably the best weapon in the game. Essentially just “finger guns,” this gauntlet is basically a shotgun that decimates anything in your path. Sure, it costs 369 scrap to craft, and you only get 16 shots with it, but the chance to hunt this truly unique weapon is hard to pass up.

Dying Light 2 – Where to find Korek Charm of Infinite Weapon Durability

If you want to find the most useful item in Dying Light 2, you just need to head to the secret developer room where you will find the left finger blueprints of gloVa. As stated above, it may take you a while to enter this room.

Once there, sit on the lounge cushions which have a red lantern on them. From there, sit on any other nearby cushions in the room in a counter-clockwise direction. Some say they were able to unlock this item just by sitting on all the cushions, but it’s probably best to try the counterclockwise method just to be safe.

If you did this right, you should notice that a blueprint for the Korek Charm has appeared on the coffee table in the center of the cushions. This priceless charm can be attached to any weapon to instantly restore it to 500 durability. Because you can use it as many times as you want on as many weapons as you want, it’s basically of an infinite repair tool that ensures your guns will never break. You will want to acquire it at some point in the game.

Dying Light 2 – Where to find the Pot of Doom

It is technically possible to obtain this weapon while playing Dying Light 2but the easiest way to unlock it is to wait until you reach post-game.

Either way, you’ll want to head to the Renegade complex which you’ll first see towards the end of the main story. There, look for a room barricaded by wood and containing a huge tank. Climb the stairs in this room until you reach another room with an orange tent inside. There you should find a chicken in a cage. Talk to this chicken and he’ll assign you a side quest called “Space Cock” which will task you with finding a part for the chicken’s spaceship.

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