DRX Deft: “I felt like I would fail the rest of my life if I couldn’t reach the top of LoL.”

On October 5, in the Grand Finals of the LoL World Championship 2022, DRX took victory in five tough matches. Both T1 and DRX featured incredible combat throughout the games, but it was DRX that was slightly stronger. After DRX hoisted the new Summoner’s Cup, they joined Sjokz and Jeesun Park on the broadcast for their championship interview.

[To Kingen] The series went the distance and went to Game 5. What did the team talk about to pull themselves together before heading into Game 5? How do you view your performance in this series?

King : We told ourselves that just being here is an honor in itself, so rather than thinking too much about winning or losing, we just told ourselves to enjoy the moment until the very end. Truth be told, I played at a level that I was nowhere happy with during the regular split. However, being here at the end made me realize that all the trials and tribulations I went through were so that I could be here right now. I am honored to be here at this time.

[To Deft] It’s been a 10-year battle, and you’ve hit so many milestones along the way. Now you have finally achieved the highest achievement of all and become world champion. How do you feel?

Skillful: [Crying] I shouldn’t cry so much because I’m old enough, so I apologize. Being here right now is something I’ve only dreamed of every day since debut; I am delighted that this is now a reality. There’s something I always wanted to say when I reached the top, and that’s, “I’m the best in the world.” However, I realized after getting to that point that my team was the best. I would like to thank my teammates, coaching staff, management and fans for being part of the adventure.

[To Zeka] Despite so many people doubting you, you have experienced incredible growth this year. Now you have proven all the skeptics wrong.

Zeka: It’s a feeling I can’t explain. Actually, I wanted to cry too, but Deft was sobbing. I want to thank my teammates for playing so well. It was amazing to come all the way here, so it’s really amazing how they played.

[To Pyosik] This series was a little difficult for you at first, but you managed to turn things around. How did you manage to keep your focus and your confidence?

Piosik: This series wasn’t about the storylines of a few days ago, but rather the culmination of everything we’ve built since the start of the season. My coaching staff and my teammates taught me a lot about what to do in certain situations, so I think I was able to show that well at Worlds.

[To BeryL] What was the reason behind Bard’s choice in Game 5, where it was all on the line?

Beryl: There were plenty of champions I could have faced, but I felt the matches were going to be a long way off in this series, so I picked the champion that best suited our team composition.

[To BeryL] You’ve played in three World Finals in the past three years and won two of them. What is the secret behind such a good game?

Beryl: Honestly, regarding today’s series, I think Keria played very well. However, our team played a little better, and a little more calmly. That’s why I think we won.

[To Pyosik] I think you know what’s coming. You showed us your ceremony during the quarters and halves: can you show us one today too?


Can you explain what it is?

[Pyosik]: It was Hecarim using E, with the full stack of Deadman’s Plate, at 600 movespeed [laughter].

[To Deft] Most players would have given up, but you didn’t for ten years. What was the motivation behind your 10-year career?

Skillful: The one thing I was the best at was League of Legends. I felt like I would fail everything else in life if I couldn’t reach the top of LoL, so I couldn’t give up even if I wanted to.

[To Deft] Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the fans?

Skillful: 10 years is not only a long time for me, but also for all the fans. Thank you for being the mainstay that has supported me for so long, and you all feel like old friends to me at this point. Thanks a lot.

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