Dodgers: Walker Buehler refuses to blame poor play on short rest


The Dodgers didn’t have much of a choice going into Game 6 of the NLCS. With Max Scherzer unable to make his scheduled start, they had to turn to Walker Buehler to get the job done. They couldn’t go with a full set of pens and they literally had no other hand to take the ball for them.

Dave Roberts therefore went to Buehler on short rest for the second time in the playoffs. And for the most part, Buehler kept the Dodgers in the game. But a pitch error to Eddie Rosario ended up making the difference, as it took him deep to the right and sealed their fate.

After the game, Buehler spoke about taking the ball at rest and what he was hoping to accomplish. He was also asked if he thinks the Dodgers who fit him on short rest ultimately played a role in the result.

You want to be like this Herculean thing and go out and throw and be really good. I just wasn’t. Game 6, elimination game – you get the ball, you wanna do better than that and I just wasn’t. It is a difficult pill to swallow. … I’ve had a few bad throws in a few places where you can’t make bad throws. I think it’s an easy fix and I really, sincerely think it has nothing to do with it, just to be honest.

It’s a real veteran’s gesture on Buehler’s part to take his responsibilities as he did. But that’s something he’s been doing most of his career and especially these playoffs. Even when the Dodgers let him down, Buehler is there to take back his team with the media.

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He’s the guy you want on the mound for you in big games. It may not have passed Saturday night, but Walker Buehler is going to be a big game pitcher for the Dodgers for a very long time.

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