Devilman Crybaby and 9 other ultra-violent anime you must-see


Part of the reason why anime is considered such a diverse and creative medium of entertainment is the way in which he is able to engage in such extremes when it comes to his subject matter. There’s an animated series for just about everything at this point, and there are several genres to meet both niche and mainstream audiences.

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There are certainly softer, kid-friendly animated series out there, but the medium also has a reputation for bloody and graphic he can get with his representations of violence. Some anime push the boundaries in this department, but there are others that really go for it.

ten Devilman Crybaby turns graphic violence into an art form

Go to Nagai Evil man The franchise has grown into one of the foundational horror series that tackles a metamorphosis narrative about the corrupting nature of power. Devilman crybaby is the most recent version of the property and Masaaki Yuasa uses his fluid, model-defying art style to amplify the awe-inspiring violence that fills the series.

There is endless carnage as Akira’s monstrous form tears bodies apart indiscriminately, but the animation and use of color makes him almost beautiful in nature. Devilman crybaby justifies its excessive nature by linking its themes to a larger commentary on violence and responsibility.

9 Berserk is an iconic Dark Fantasy series that pushes the limits with its extremes

Kentaro miura Berserk is an exceptional dark fantasy series that understands how to blend the eclectic sensibilities of the genre in a way that is both fantastical and spooky. Miura’s magnificent works of art are a major selling point for Berserk and there are beautiful splash-proof panels that highlight excessive gore thanks to Guts’ exaggerated blade.

There have been several animated adaptations of Berserk who are trying to properly capture the magic of the series. None of them lack violence, and entire episodes can be devoted to Guts’ rhythmic destruction of demons.

8 Higurashi: When They Cry unleashes explosions of brutality that transcend its genre

Higurashi: when they cry has become one of the most surprising anime franchises of the decade and it’s proof that a book should never be judged by its cover. The different Higurashi: when they cry adopt a colorful, kid-friendly art style with adorable characters.

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All of this to keep audiences lowering their guard so the graphic murders and time loop shenanigans hit even harder. Higurashi is consumed by gruesome murders, but these characters reach psychotic heights and the rooms are covered in blood. Due to the cyclical structure of the series, these deaths are also seen repeatedly.

7 Genocyber is a neglected body horror classic from the 1990s

Anime Genocyber Monster Carnage

The The 90s are a golden time for some of the most graphic and violent experiences in the anime industry. Genocyber is a five-part OVA adventure that goes beyond and makes disturbing body horror its priority. Genocyber The plot is surprisingly prescient, and delves into a future dystopia led by companies seeking to obtain a new genetic and psychic weapon, the Genocyber. Genocyber combines humans, animals and machines, which lends itself to very memorable visuals. This accomplishes a lot in its short span, and every installment has at least one incredible centerpiece.

6 Elfen Lied explores deadly powers and doesn’t shy away from bloody consequences

Anime Elfen Lied Bullets

Most of the time, the aggressive violence in the anime is caused by excessive guns, but series like Elf lied explore the horrors of the days when supernatural powers were the cause of bloodshed. Lucy is a biological weapon with extreme telekinetic abilities that allow her to detonate targets with her mind. Lucy loses her memory and fits precariously into society, but her inherent powers are revealed in graphic ways. Elf lied succeeds with how alarmed Lucy is about the destruction she can cause as well as her search for her purpose in this world.

5 Another examines generational violence through a deadly curse

Anime another blood umbrella

Violence for violence often sounds superficial, but Another is a clever hybrid of horror and mystery that uses the brutal nature of its tragedies to only add greater urgency to the mystery at the center of it all.

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Kouichi Sakakibara, a new student transferred to Yomiyama North Middle School, slowly learns about the school’s dark past and the death of a young girl in the 1970s. Kouichi becomes the target of this violent curse and a wave of murder and death. bloodshed begins to plague the school again.

4 Corpse Party: Tortured Souls unleashes a haunted school full of evil

Anime Corpse Party Tortured Souls Zombies

Some of the best animated series are turning to video games for inspiration, and Corpse festival: tortured souls is a four-part OVA series that adapts a 1990s RPG title. Corpse Day begins in a traditional way where a small group of students meet at school to scare each other with ghost stories, only to be taken to a haunted educational institution. These students are completely helpless and forced to fend off a whole school of demons and vengeful spirits. The anime is incredibly gory, but it really does bring a sense of hopelessness to these lost students.

3 Parasyte uses alien invasion to dissect humanity in horrific ways

Anime Parasyte The Host Parasite Maxim

The anime is chock-full of series where an unpretentious ordinary man becomes the host of a variety of monstrous threats that suddenly imbue him with dangerous abilities. Parasyte -the maxim- effectively creates an alien invasion with a species of aliens that infect and eliminate humans in deeply visceral ways. Parasyte accomplishes a difficult task creating a true friendship between Shinichi and his parasitic partner, Migi. The series triumphs, whether it explores sequences of an emotional or explosively violent nature. This is even what it is about in the duality of Shinichi.

2 Deadman Wonderland takes place in a corrupt prison where murder is entertainment

Shiro and Ganta

Deadman wonderland is a crazy animated series which takes place in a vile prison amusement park where the battle between prisoners is treated as entertainment for a group of corrupt authorities. The deadly competitions Ganta is forced to compete in are drenched in blood, but it’s also an anime that starts off casually with the murders of nearly 30 students.

Deadman wonderland only gets more bloody and intense from there. Deadman wonderland is particularly disturbing because of the way it commodifies violence and makes legitimate points about the state of entertainment and corruption around the world.

1 Hellsing makes sure the vampire hunt is as bloody as it gets

There are certain expectations when it comes to particular genres of anime, and any series that revolves around the murder of vampires and other supernatural creatures should deliver some level of carnage. Fortunately, Hellsing and its conclusion OAV monitoring, Ultimate Hellsing, make the grueling war between Van Helsing and Dracula as bloody as it should be. Alucard presents himself as a talented warrior who takes pride in how efficiently he can reduce the living dead into a jumble of limbs. The Hellsing the series are cathartic in how evil is gracefully destroyed.

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