Destiny 2’s New Solstice Armor Sets Feature a Streamlined Upgrade System

Destiny 2’s Solstice event returns on July 19, and like previous years, there will be some shiny new gear to obtain. A big difference this year is that upgrading armor sets will be done in a new way as Bungie has streamlined the process.

As detailed in this week’s Bungie blog post, armor leveling focuses on actively upgrading gear through new player actions and incentivizing players to pursue armor rolls. armor for the duration of the solstice. This will allow players to craft armor that suits their needs by creating stat-specific builds that can shine in specific activities such as Gambit, Nightfall Strikes, and the Crucible.

Destiny 2: Solstice Armor Sets


Upgrades will require players to collect Silver Leaf, a new currency earned by completing activities throughout the game. Silver Leaf can then be turned into Silver Ash by completing the new Bonfire Bash activity before being used to reroll armor stats from the armor mod screen.

Another currency that can be collected is the Kindling, which is acquired by completing Solstice Event challenges. You will be able to spend Kindling to upgrade your armor stat roll potential, with each piece of armor being upgradeable three times. This only needs to be done once per slot, and each time you upgrade a piece of Solstice armor it is permanent and shared among all pieces in that slot. This means that if you upgrade a helmet to level 3, every Solstice helmet currently in your inventory and all future helmets you earn for that class will have access to level 3 stat boosts.

As for armor, this year’s sets feature both free and paid glow effects, like in previous years. Fully upgrade your armor, and it will have a healthy glow and you’ll earn the chance to do a high stat roll focusing on a stat of your choice. For more on this year’s Solstice, you can also find out how the event map has changed, which Bungie describes as a new way to participate in the event.

Before the Solstice begins, you can come back tomorrow to see where Xur is, though there’s no Trials of Osiris event due to this week’s Iron Banner PvP tournament.

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