College football picks: Week 11 computer predictions for the best games

Week 11 of the college football season is underway, and conference and PSC races come into focus each weekend.

Georgia argued for playoff inclusion after a decisive victory over Tennessee at home, while Clemson and Alabama likely bounced back from the last four after road losses to Notre Dame and LSU, respectively.

Meanwhile, Ohio State and Michigan are still undefeated and appear to be headed for a head-to-head in The Game that could double as a Big Ten playoff game for the right to make the college football playoffs. as the conference champion.

What can we expect from the Week 11 games list? This week, we turn to FPI for guidance in making our own predictions for the biggest matchups.

The college football ranking and Football Power Index (FPI) computer prediction model is a measure of team strength that predicts a team’s future performance.

Designed by ESPN analysts, its rankings and score predictions are based on 20,000 simulations of a team’s season, using a combination of analysis including scores to date, quality of opponents and a team’s schedule.

Week 11 College Football Picks

Prediction from Missouri to Tennessee: The FPI projects that Tennessee has a comfortable 92.8% chance of winning the game, compared to 7.2% for Missouri. College football HQ pick: Tennessee wins, 40-17

Indiana at Ohio State Prediction: Computers favor the Buckeyes by a 98.5% margin, against Indiana’s 1.5% chance of winning. College football seat pick: Ohio State wins, 48-9

LSU at Arkansas prediction: The SEC West favorite LSU comes in with a 72.4% chance of defeating the Razorbacks, who have a 27.6% chance of upsetting the Tigers. College football seat pick: LSU wins, 33-28

Purdue at Illinois prediction: Big Ten West favorites the Illini come in with a 65.5% chance of winning, while Purdue has a 34.5% chance of upsetting. College football seat pick: Illinois wins, 26-17

Prediction Vanderbilt in Kentucky: Losers in three of the last five games, Kentucky has an 88.6% chance of winning this week, while Vanderbilt has an 11.4% chance of winning. College football HQ pick: Kentucky wins, 33-14

Prediction of Oklahoma at West Virginia: The 5-4 Sooners have a 58.0 percent narrow shot to defeat the Mountaineers, who have a respectable 42.0 percent chance to defend their home turf. College football seat pick: Oklahoma wins, 34-27

Our Lady at the Navy’s prediction: Fresh off the win over Clemson, the Irish have a 91.1% chance of beating the contenders 3-6. College football HQ pick: Notre Dame wins, 30-13

Freedom to UConn Prediction: The 8-1 Flames come in with an 84.0 percent favorable odds of victory, but the Huskies can still become bowl eligible if they beat Army next weekend. College football HQ pick: Liberty wins, 31-16

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Prediction Louisville to Clemson: After the loss at Notre Dame, Clemson is expected to defend its home winning streak with a 76.2% chance of victory, while Louisville has a 23.8% chance of upsetting. College football seat pick: Clemson wins, 30-22

Prediction Nebraska to Michigan: On track to remain undefeated this week, Michigan has a 97.1% chance of beating the Cornhuskers. College football seat pick: Michigan wins, 40-10

Prediction Alabama to Ole Miss: Now down to two losses, the Crimson Tide are on track to avoid a third, with 75.3% shooting to beat the Rebels, who in turn have a 24.7% chance of being upset. College football seat pick: Alabama wins, 36-26

Prediction Maryland at Penn State: The path to 10 wins is still available for Penn State, which has a 77.9% chance of winning this week. College football seat pick: Penn State wins, 36-23

Prediction UCF at Tulane: The battle for AAC’s top spot goes to UCF in an upset, according to the computers, giving the Knights a 51.9 percent chance of winning, compared to Tulane’s 48.1 percent. College football HQ pick: Tulane wins, 27-23

Prediction Wisconsin to Iowa: The Badgers are on track to go above .500 in Big Ten play with a 51.4% chance of defeating Iowa. College football HQ pick: Wisconsin wins, 23-13

Boston College at NC State prediction: Another sure thing at home for the Wolfpack as FPI projects a 90.8% chance of winning over the Eagles at 2 wins. College football seat pick: NC State wins, 31-13

Prediction South Carolina vs Florida: The top-to-bottom Gators are on course for a win with a 70.8% chance over the Gamecocks, who have won four of the last five overall. College football seat pick: Florida wins, 33-24

Georgia tight end Brock Bowers is one of college football's top receiving targets this season.

Prediction of Georgia at Mississippi State: Fresh off a decisive victory over the Vols, the defending national champions have an 84.2% chance of silencing the cowbells and closing in on the SEC title game. College football HQ pick: Georgia wins, 37-16

Washington to Oregon prediction: It’s tough to beat Oregon right now and especially at home, as the Ducks have a 77.5% chance of defeating rival UW, who have a 22.5% chance of winning. College football seat pick: Oregon wins, 41-28

Prediction of Kansas State at Baylor: Suddenly, K-State has lost two of the last three, while Baylor has won three straight and has a 61.2% chance of winning this week, while the Wildcats come in with a 38.8% chance. College football seat pick: Baylor wins, 27-24

Texas TCU Prediction: TCU must avoid another slow start as the computers favor the Longhorns with a 73.0% margin, as do the books with a touchdown. College football seat pick: Texas wins, 34-27

Prediction North Carolina at Wake Forest: Wake has lost the last two but should find ways against the Tar Heel secondary as the Deacons have a 54.2% chance of victory, compared to UNC’s 45.8%. College football seat pick: North Carolina wins, 39-34

Prediction Texas A&M at Auburn: A flu outbreak and an anemic offense have the Aggies in a tailspin as the REIT favor Auburn by a 51.8% margin. College football seat pick: Auburn wins, 25-23

Prediction of Florida State at Syracuse: Good for 40+ points in the last two games, both wins, the Seminoles have a 55.7 percent shot to give the Orange what would be their fourth straight loss after that 6-0 start. College football seat pick: Florida State wins, 29-20

Stanford at Utah prediction: No drama for the Utes, who have a 94.1% chance of defeating the Cardinal, who is 1-6 in Pac-12 games this year. College football seat pick: Utah wins, 37-15

Arizona at UCLA prediction: Both of these teams have decent speed on the perimeter, but the Bruins have more, and the 88.4% chance to win and move to 9-1 as the Pac-12 race heats up. College football seat pick: UCLA wins, 42-26

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