Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 features Al Mazrah map and DMZ mining mode

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Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 will debut as a new free-to-play Battle Royale mode on November 16 with an all-new map and mining experience called DMZ.

The game will feature Al Mazrah, a new map set in the Middle East that is designed for the modern warfare setting of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Many parts of the map will be familiar to players who already play Modern Warfare II multiplayer.

And the details of the environment will also be familiar because Warzone 2.0, as well as next year’s Warzone Mobile, is built with the same proprietary game engine as Modern Warfare II, which debuted on October 28. And the massive Al Mazrah map will have 18 major points of interest which include some of the maps from Modern Warfare II, like Sarrif Bay.

The Oil Refinery in Warzone 2.0.

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was a big hit with $1 billion in revenue generated for the premium game in its first 10 days, Warzone 2.0 promises to deliver renewal for the game that has become a huge success during the pandemic when people were craving social experiences in online games. Over 125 million people have played the free game Warzone, and this launch represents Activision’s chance to get them back into the game. And while Activision Blizzard clearly wants to sell premium games, Warzone is the best chance to do so. people come back every day of the year.

I was one of those who turned to Warzone, which debuted just as the lockdowns began in March 2020. I played it regularly with a team of friends, acquaintances and strangers. And it was good to come back to it often, between major releases of other games. If they did a Call of Duty metaverse, I’d be in.

But Warzone 2.0 is going to be pretty fun in the meantime, with improved graphics, underwater combat, vehicular combat, and more.

DMZ and more

Al Mazrah Observatory.

One of the new experiences that will keep players coming back is the DMZ experience, which is an extraction mode similar to the gameplay in Escape From Tarkov or the Dark Zone experience in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

DMZ takes players into a story-driven, open-world mining mode where Operators are given free rein to complete faction-based missions, take on additional side objectives, engage with enemy Operators or fighters AI and search for valuables. Then they survive by heading to extraction.

Returning Custom Loadouts

The cradle of civilization.

Players will have faster access to the primary perk of their custom loadout, the primary weapon. A new backpack system will be fully integrated for DMZ and streamlined for Battle Royale modes.

The Gulag is where you go for a chance to re-enter the battle royale after being knocked out. The new one will be a 2v2 environment where randomly paired duos must coordinate to eliminate their opposition. It will also include a jailer, who will appear in the middle of the match to help speed up the fight. (OK, now, as described, that sounds ridiculous. Go figure).

Third-person combat was introduced in Modern Warfare II, giving players a wider field of view. And so third-person playlists are coming during the season on Warzone 2.0.

Modern Warfare II Season 01 Preview

Lots of spots for snipers.

Revamped versions of the Shoot House and Shipment maps are coming for Modern Warfare II’s first season for multiplayer play. These are some of the most chaotic maps imaginable where you spawn near enemies and the action never stops.

Players will also have to conquer a new Battle Pass by choosing map sectors to unlock free and premium items in any order they choose.

The season will introduce four weapons and six operators. Two new weapon platforms and two trios – one of elite soldiers and one of football’s best – are coming.

A new Special Ops mission and Raid Episode 1 will debut during the season. A seasonal prestige system will offer new challenges and rewards for those who clear military ranks.

The Al Mazrah card

Al Mazrah is the new Warzone map.
Al Mazrah is the new Warzone map.

Activision previously described the new map as a metropolitan area and rural outskirts within the Republic of Adal, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s new battleground. The place is not really identified, but it is described as being part of the cradle of civilization.

This massive metropolitan area plays a gigantic role in the Modern Warfare II universe, featured in the campaign and a vital part of the events that follow it. Up to 150 soldiers will take part in the battle royale in this regional capital.

Points of interest include the Oasis, with freshwater pools and palm trees. It includes the village of Taraq, which has been reduced to rust and rubble, where squads can duel in close combat. The Rohan Oil Refinery has elevated combat areas for snipers. You can also explore a massive quarry in an industrial area with a dozen warehouses.

The port on the Al Mazrah map of Warzone 2.0.

The city of Al Mazrah has both skyscrapers and modern buildings at its center. A place called Zarqwa Hydroelectric has renewable energy facilities. The marshes once housed a luxury resort which is now completely flooded due to rising river levels. Caves are in sight of a small village.

Atop Al Mazrah’s tallest mountain, several domed structures, including one destroyed, are part of an ancient observatory. At Al Sharim Pass, an ancient monastery and mausoleum overlook a modern village and zoo. The highest hill contains several modernized buildings over the rest of the area, partially destroyed due to the elements and warfare.

Sa’id City is one of my favorite Ground War maps, and it has a sprawling modern mall (where we haven’t fought yet) juxtaposed with old apartments that housed generations of portworkers. The area also contains a medieval-themed carnival and a minor league football stadium.

Port Havid was the economic gemstone of Al Mazrah, ending the Rohan pipeline to the great seas. Several large warehouse structures lie inland, while the port itself has few containers due to international economic restrictions for the area.

The modern part of Al Mazrah.

A coastal village is submerged underwater with a crashed cargo ship nearby. And the El Samman cemetery makes me wonder if we’re going to have a zombie invasion again, although that seems unlikely since the new game doesn’t have a Zombies mode.

Sariff Bay is home to some fisheries along with a town center section, a resort and a few islands. A large plaza called Al Bagra Fortress is similar to the fortress from the old Warzone map. This medieval structure looks like an intimidating place of battle.

And Al Malik Airport has a terminal at the southern tip of the city with modern architecture and an observation tower. If this all sounds like a huge place, it is, and I hope to see you there.

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