British Columbia Online Slots Winner Says Of Her Plans For The Money, “Mum Wants A New Fridge With An Ice Maker”


VANCOUVER – A woman from British Columbia intends to use some of her recent wins to beat the heat.

Tricia Jerome has won over $ 525,000 playing an online slot machine, and she already knows where some of the money will go.

“Mom wants a new refrigerator with an ice maker,” she said in a press release issued Wednesday by the BC Lottery Corporation.

“I feel like a refrigerator with an ice maker is perfect for this weather. I took out my ice cube trays and it’s too much space and it’s complicated.”

Jerome lives in Kamloops, where temperatures have sometimes reached the mid-1940s this summer.

She said she also plans to buy a new washing machine and dryer, and hopes to take a trip this summer to get away from the smoke from the wildfires at home.

She won money playing a slot game called Golden Goddess on BCLC said it triggered the second progressive jackpot, which is building up across Canada.

And she didn’t even realize it at first.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know I won,” she reminded BCLC.

“A black screen came up indicating that I had won the secondary jackpot, but I was wondering, ‘What did I win? And I didn’t understand what was going on. “

She called BCLC customer service, and even after a rep confirmed her half a million dollar jackpot, the news still didn’t really hit her.

“I’ve been spaced out all week, and still can’t believe it, but at least now I can stop cleaning,” she said.

“I cleaned all week just to keep busy because I still couldn’t believe it.”

The odds of winning depend on the machine or game, according to, but they always favor the house.

“This means that over time it is more likely than not that you will walk away with less money than you started with,” reads an article on the website.

It doesn’t specifically deal with online slots games, but says that in general every game is independent and unpredictable, which means playing longer doesn’t improve your odds.

There is no way to improve your odds of winning on most slots, the website says. Most are games of chance based on generating random numbers, and while skill can be a factor in games with an arcade-style element, the random number generator usually determines what amounts are available and whether you can even play the game.

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