Blizzard investigation asks about NFTs, then dumps players on its online store

Blizzard fans find questions about NFTs and crypto games in a recent survey, only to be dropped off at the store.

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Some players of ActivisionBlizzard games recently received a survey from the gaming company gauging interest in its various IPs and products. However, fans have concerns about the content of some of these questions, and they scratched their heads when the investigation dumped them on the Blizzard game store once it was completed.

The survey was hosted on YouGov, a UK-based market research and data analysis company. The survey itself was sent to select Blizzard players and asked them questions ranging from how often they played various Blizzard games to what kind of games they played the most.


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One section in particular asked players to share their interest in introducing new technologies to Activision Blizzard products. While some of these topics are things that have been requested by many fans, such as cross-play, the survey also asked about several polarizing technologies, such as play-to-earn cryptocurrency games and the implementation of NFTs.

Oddly, when the lengthy investigation was over, rather than thanking the investigator for their time or closing the window, Blizzard’s investigation redirected them to its online store, It left the investigators dizzy with the whiplash of being brought there from all over, and it left a bad taste in the mouths of many, already soured by the subject matter of the questions.

NFTs have been a hot topic for several years since they emerged from the sea of ​​cryptocurrencies. The supposedly non-replicable technology has attracted a lot of attention, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, and has been implemented in AAA games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint with little success. However, due to the environmental cost of minting NFTs, inflation caused by demand for computer coins for mining rigs, and cryptocurrencies’ penchant for enabling fraud, few fans want them anywhere near. the game industry.

While the survey doesn’t mean Blizzard is moving forward with plans to implement NFTs in its games, many fans are concerned as the idea is entertaining enough to put it in the survey in the first place. Activision Blizzard is still mired in controversies surrounding sexual assault and discrimination lawsuits from 2021, leading many to wonder why it would care about such a controversial topic in the first place. With the announcement of World of Warcraft next expansion just days away, the cautious optimism of some of these players is now mixed with apprehension as to what else Snow storm might reserve for them in the future.

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