Best Video Game Raccoons

Video games have been home to iconic animals for as long as gamers can remember, and at this point it’s easy to assume that every animal has had its time in the spotlight. But among the cats and dogs players have adored for decades, some of the most underrated species are finally getting the attention they deserve.

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Although they tend to be villains in video games, raccoons have undeniably introduced their cheeky personalities in unexpected ways into a wide selection of genres. From simulators set up on the streets of Toronto to taking over as a private detective in a dystopian post-noir tale, these chaotic creatures have always been hailed as a whirlwind of fun.


ten BK – Donut County

BK, or Brooklyn Trash King, perfectly represents everything raccoons represent in video games. Adopting a stubborn and brazen attitude, he is the reason donut country falls into chaos while being the central playable character throughout the game.

Additionally, his selfish attitude towards collecting a “well-deserved” quadcopter at the expense of the townspeople is another element that makes him a stereotypical raccoon. But even with that personality, BK is an incredibly lovable character that players have loved since his debut.

9 Tom Nook – Animal Crossing

Although this money-focused creature is technically a Tanuki, he remains one of the most iconic masked aggressors masked gamers have ever known. As one of the most memorable characters in the animal crossing franchise, Tom Nook has been haunting gamers for decades in search of bells and free gamer labor.

It plays the most important role in animal crossing and is basically used as a tutorial in every title. But even after years of ringing gamers dry, he remains one of Nintendo’s most lovable and recognizable characters.

8 Sly Cooper – Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

Sly Cooper has been testing player stealth since its release in 2002, and with four games under its belt, it’s easy to suggest it’s one of the industry’s most iconic video game raccoons. The action-packed nature of comics Sly Cooper titles is a slice of nostalgia for all early PlayStation fans.

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The personality injected into the characters and the overall challenge of stealth platforming kept people engaged in the franchise while laying the groundwork for raccoons in games. Without Sly Cooper to set the bar, there wouldn’t be as many trash pandas as there are now.

seven Tricksy – Calico

Even though Calico is home to an undeniably adorable cast of creatures, the oversized raccoons that inhabit the forest are another worthy addition to the character roster. Usually lingering around the garbage cans, there are several raccoons Calico gifts to the player, but Tricksy is among the favorites.

Although the raccoons don’t play a very valuable role in the story, one quest in particular will have players searching for Tricksy from afar. To find her, players need to head to the trash cans next to the Cutie City part. Talking to Tricksy will complete the quest. Additionally, Tricksy becomes a valiant courier to travel with, given the player uses a great little potion on her.

6 Raccoons – Comic Bakery

Although originally released in 1984, the cheeky raccoons of comic bakery have stolen the hearts of gamers ever since. These raccoons are wreaking havoc in the bakery by adopting iconic and incredibly unforgettable rogue personalities.

Players are tasked with defending their bakery against the onslaught of hungry raccoons. When not stealing freshly baked bread, they turn off the equipment when a baker closes their eyes. Their evil intentions have frustrated players for years, but the chaos they channel is undeniably memorable.

5 Wanted raccoon

Wanted raccoon features everything cheeky and familiar about the species while applying it to a hilarious simulator with slightly darker undertones. In Wanted raccoon, players are more than a terror to the city; as they progress through the story, they will become something of a hero.

Armed with fun mini-games like skateboarding, stealing food and sneaking into the sunset – Wanted raccoon also has players researching and upgrading tools and skills, leading the resistance, and rescuing a kidnapped family. It’s so much more than meets the eye without losing its charming and fun atmosphere.

4 Rift Raccoon

This intense precision-based platformer focuses on a little raccoon with superb sci-fi ability. Harnessing the power of teleportation, players are tasked with taking this thieving bandit through a multitude of mechanical environments.

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It’s safe to say that Rift Raccoon There’s no shortage of raccoon-based content, with fifty different levels that vary in challenge, paired with a great retro soundtrack. Plus, levels will keep players coming back again and again – so it’s best to get used to seeing that raccoon traveling through the rifts.

3 trash panda

Although not fully published, trash pandaSim’s charming raccoon demo has players obsessed with its central masked bandit. The low-fi nature of this Untitled Game of Goose-The inspired title allows for a relaxing experience, even though all players are causing chaos.

Trash Panda’s task is simple: do as much damage as possible and have fun doing it, which is exactly what players are looking for in a raccoon lifestyle. But among the mess are the power-ups, and in the desolate cul-de-sacs of Toronto, the territorial raccoons are eager to challenge, and the best trash panda mayto win.

2 Trash Quest

Trash QuestThe charming pixelated style and chiptune soundtrack of is a perfect match for its raccoon protagonist. The carefree nature of the gameplay and the entertaining atmosphere led players to praise the bravery of this unexpected life form and fulfill a simple request: it’s an accessible game for all ages.

This compact Metroidvania hosts a chaotic run and gunship on the platform with one main objective. Find the trash hidden by this space station and do whatever it takes to get there. So with a weapon in hand and an extreme lack of checkpoints, one of the reasons this raccoon has become so iconic is the sheer amount of time players have spent trying to fulfill his request.

1 Howard Lotor – Spine

The gritty post-noir narrative of Spine may defy the initially adorable appearance of a raccoon, but its dystopian Vancouver feels like the home of Howard Lotor. Plus, the linear cinematic storyline exposes a side of the raccoons that players are admittedly not used to.

So rather than focusing on the chaotic nature of raccoons, Howard Lotor helps the player explore loss and change while working as a private detective. Instead of being the cause of chaos, Spine shows that raccoons can unravel evil rather than being the root of it all.

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