Batman in video games: these are our 8 favorite villains


The Darkish Knight is known to have defended Gotham against some truly memorable enemies.

The DC FanDome was used to deliver us double villains, Warner Bros. Video Games Montreal offered its new Gotham Knights cinematic trailer which allowed us to verify the presence of the Penguin, which he will accompany Heel, in a tale that can turn through the Owls courtroom. We will still have to participate in the search for these powerful enemies in this promising open-world movement RPG until 2022.

Some villains are such famous icons as Batman himselfBut if what we want are Batman villains, the next 12 months we’ll be well served. Rocksteady’s all-new sport, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, was the gentle opposing protagonist of the development, featuring charismatic characters in a sport that relies on humor and unbridled movement in which Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark and Capitán Boomerang under Amanda Waller’s orders, they should prevent the alien invasion led by Brainiac, who controlled to own the minds of the contributors of the Justice League.

Obviously the villains of Batman wanted to be more than just an enemy to take down, the presence that many of them had in bat stories has become. icons as essential as their protagonists, organizing very deep relationships with Wayne, helping to shape nature and on many events, being part of his personal determination. Even though video games haven’t always been able to constitute them in one of the best ways, lately we had to study our 8 favorite villains of the franchise and some of its most eye-catching video game appearances from Batman.

Ra's al Ghul

Ra’s al Ghul He is one of the most complete and deepest villains in the Batman universe, and one of the main ones devoted to his reason for eliminating evil, but he is also a true genocide. Her courtship with Batman is so special that she swings between an enemy and a determined father. We’ve now been able to watch the villain in video games since ’99, and even assuming that’s not the most effective name, Liam Neeson’s presence and voice in Batman Starts continues to make us fall in love.


Scourge Ever since the notorious Batman and Robin we got to observe the Bat-Breaker depicted in many video games, nature has a distinct allure of being essentially the number one illustration of unstoppable hatred, of all its appearances we want to highlight the only one we’ve had in Batman: The Enemy Inside, which unlike his vintage poison tube machine this time uses a syringe gun to pull off his greatest power.

Death blow

Death blow Even though in video games he hasn’t been as recurring as other villains anymore, Deathstroke has an effect and recognition after his look in Arkham Origins has been like that of a few villains. A majestic body for Batman that makes him the deadliest foe, he left us with a cinematic trailer to keep in mind, with which devotees yearn to watch a movie starring Affleck and Manganiello.


Catwoman Another of the good references among the villains of Batman to be one of the most ambiguous, because in the 90s she was proposed as an anti-heroine and features a whimsical love-hate courting with the bat, being her passion. longest love. He’s been one of the important and non-unusual characters in video games, even assuming our favorite look is in The Telltale Sequence, due to his rugged character and the intensity of his personality.


Enigma Enigma has been portrayed in video games because the 90s, even assuming as many genres as possible, caused him to present himself as yet another villain to trade punches with. Some appearances like that of the good The Adventures of Batman and Robin got off to a certain start with him, but that certainly didn’t evolve until the arrival of the Arkham Saga, during which the smart villain liked others. story arcs where we had been enthused by its convoluted plans.


penguin The Penguin is among the handsome classics and probably the meanest villain that most easily represents that dark, gothic tone of Batman, he’s been featured in many video games and with very many other appearances. Even though we cherished his look in the Arkham saga, we have to stick with his model of difference from Tim Burton’s 2D movie, Batman Returns. The battle is beautiful fundamental, but that of Danny DeVito seems unforgettable.


Superman There is no worse enemy than a buddy that you are no longer able to recognize, Joker’s new shaggy dog ​​story has been vetted to damage Krypton’s remaining son and the place there was a ray of hope, there is only one tyrant responsible for a whole new international government. , the system of government. The history of combat sport from NetherRealm Studios presents us with the worst enemy Batman can believe, against whom he will be forced to fight at the head of his revolt.


Joker Batman’s best foe may not forget the date, the villain who was most successful in hurting the bat and the person who was most successful in scoring it, becoming a part of Bruce, as well as his own masks, a mythical villain that in the Arkham collection, he has evolved particularly well, each his determination and his court with Batman. Completeness is the intense interpretation of Mark Hamill.

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