Barack Obama is claimed to owe him a 1-on-1 basketball game


Common is a man of many talents, and he carries his confidence in him. When he spoke with Jimmy fallon Friday, August 20, he said he was confident he could beat the 44th President of the United States in a head-to-head basketball game.

When appearing on Tonight’s show, the 49-year-old rapper, actor and author shared how he was supposed to play basketball with the president Barack obama, but I never did.

“My mom is actually really good friends with someone who works for this president. And for one of my birthdays she gave me a gift that I was supposed to play President Obama in a 1: 1 basketball, ”he explained. “It was years ago, and I was never able to fulfill this prophecy.”

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Common told the story when Fallon asked if he gave Obama a gift when he attended and performed at Obama’s 60th birthday party.

He joked that “my gift was, I just brought my talent to the table. I thought about it later like, ‘Damn, I got nothing from him.’ But what do you get the president?

Obama and Common both have a general love and appreciation for basketball, so the showdown could possibly happen in the future.

“I was ready to play him, and I was ready to beat him no matter what,” he said. “And I wasn’t going to back down because he was president, or the Secret Service was there to do their thing. I was going to go hard. I have love for Michelle. [Obama], I have love for family, but I wanted to beat Barack Obama. “

Common is about to release his Beautiful Revolution Pt. 2 album on September 10. “When We Move” is the lead single and features artist Black Thought from Philadelphia hip hop group The Roots.

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