Anzu and Top Down Games team up for in-game advertising – PCR

Anzu has partnered with Roblox game development group Top Down Games to allow advertisers to run their campaigns within All Star Tower Defense.

The partnership allows advertisers to deliver their banner ads and gifs in All Star Tower Defense through Anzu’s in-game ad placements. This blends into gameplay, appearing on objects such as billboards, banners, and buildings.

Last October, Anzu launched its global Roblox offering, partnering with creators and integrating in-game ad placements into their experiences to make it easier for advertisers to access the platform. Anzu’s solution allows advertisers to launch campaigns quickly and at scale across multiple Roblox games in minutes. Advertisers working with Anzu also benefit from guaranteed viewable impressions, brand safety, detailed campaign reporting and brand impact measurement.

Alex Yerukhimovich, Vice President of Games at Anzu, said, “We are very proud of our partnership with Top Down Games, one of the most successful and versatile Roblox developers. 2022 will be a pivotal year in building the metaverse, and we’re extremely excited to play our part in shaping it through partnerships with other innovators like Top Down Games.

The Top Down Games team said, “Anzu’s solution provides a reliable and consistent stream of advertising content without taking anything away from the gameplay. This allows us to devote more time and resources to future updates and new experiences for our fans. The team has also been great at helping us figure out exactly where the ad placements should be to help us get the most out of them while ensuring they are a natural part of the player experience.”

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