Animal Crossing Island Tunes: Worst Songs to Pick

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to create their own island tune, adding some personal musical flair to their island paradise. Like previous games in the franchise, the island melody can be between 1 and 16 notes and plays whenever the player enters or exits a building, or when talking to one of the villagers or NPCs. of the island. By talking to Isabelle in the Resident Services building, players can change the island tune as often as they like, and Isabelle will even sing it to the player in preview.

Many players take the opportunity to define their animal crossing tune into the songs they enjoy on other media, such as their favorite video games, music, movies, TV shows, and more. Not only does the island tune make players feel more at home on their island paradise, but music and jingles from other games and media often make for great, recognizable town tunes that players and their visitors are glad to hear. Players with themed islands can even set their town tunes to match the theme as well, setting their designs beyond just customizable music.


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Conversely, players looking for a bit of a laugh can set their island to something truly terrible that’s sure to make visitors groan and eye-roll. Island tunes tend to be short, catchy jingles that are a great opportunity to get a boring song stuck in a friend’s head, reference a favorite meme, or even scare people with a song about the horror theme which seems particularly strange in the enjoyable world of animal crossing. From funny to downright infuriating, these are the worst songs players can put to music on their island Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing Worst Town Tunes – Baby Shark

Baby Shark Animal Crossing Town Tune.

After going viral in 2016, the song “Baby Shark” became the most viewed video on YouTube with over 9 billion views. It’s a catchy and fun tune for kids and comes with its own set of dance moves that helped propel it to the top of internet fame as a TikTok trend, but its repetitive tune is making it very old. quickly, especially since the kids seem to want to play it non-stop. Although it is the most watched video, it is also one of the most hated. animal crossing island tune is a surefire way to get that incessant earworm lodged in any visitor’s ear.

Jaws theme can be an unsettling tune from Animal Crossing Island

Jaws Animal Crossing Town Tune theme.

For animal crossing gamers who prefer their sharks in classic horror movies as opposed to viral videos, the theme of Jaws is a recognizable classic that is sure to make visitors feel like something comes from the deep. Nothing screams “danger” quite like John Williams’ ominous melody, which was creepy enough to chill viewers even without the shark onscreen. As the sharks arrive during Animal Crossing summer months, Jaws The theme is a great choice for a horror-filled island tune that might make players think twice before diving in.

“The Song That Never Ends” is a boring song from Animal Crossing Island

If there’s a song that was written specifically to annoy, it’s “The Song That Never Ends.” It’s an inherently endless loop of happy, upbeat melody that, as the name suggests, literally never ends. Originally appearing as the closing theme of the 1992 PBS Puppet Show, Lamb Chop Play-Along, “The Song That Never Ends” can be sung forever.

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However, a few notes are enough to make it stick in the minds of visitors when used as a animal crossing city ​​air. Although players technically can’t configure it to loop animal crossing, hearing it whenever a door is opened or a conversation begins is almost as effective as repeating it. For those who want to disturb their island guests, “The Song That Never Ends” is just about perfect.

Pokémon’s “Lavender Town Theme” Is A Spooky Animal Crossing Island Melody

When Pokemon Red & Green released on the Game Boy in 1997, the insanely spooky Lavender Town theme stuck out like a sore thumb in this fun, light-hearted game. With jarring chords and pitches high enough to tire out Game Boy speakers, gamers have even gone so far as to report physical side effects from listening to this creepy song for long periods of time. Pokemon players will instantly recognize this haunting theme from Red Green the scariest city when played as animal crossing city ​​air, adding a touch of retro gaming horror to the island.

Animal Crossing Worst Town Tunes – “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley

There’s hardly a better prank than a good old-fashioned Rickroll, and animal crossing players can set Rick Astley’s ever-popular “Never Gonna Give You Up” as their island tune to Rickroll all of their villagers daily. Rather than tricking friends into clicking a link to Astley’s music video, players can set the song as their tune and invite their friends to the island to pull off the classic prank. While the rhythm and notes of Astley’s dance-pop hit can be difficult to transpose into Animal Crossing creator of island tunes, he is recognizable enough for anyone to know he is Rickrolled by hearing him.

Animal Crossing Worst Town Tunes – Trololo Song

Animal Crossing Town Tune trololo song.

If Rickrolling isn’t a gamer’s favorite tune, the happy melody of Mr. Trololo is another great option for a animal crossing island song that is sure to make unsuspecting visitors laugh or groan. The island melody generator’s chiptune pitches can’t quite capture the original vocalist, Eduard Khil’s deep, singsong voice, but the song’s melody fits perfectly into the 16 notes with which the players have to work on making it a recognizable melody. Although the light-hearted song has become nostalgic as a classic meme for some gamers, it still makes for an effective Rickroll-style prank 12 years later.

The Twilight Zone theme is a weird tune from Animal Crossing Island

Imagine a animal crossing island where everything seems to be normal, but the strange theme of the blurred area plays on time, every hour. To give the New Horizons Island a surreal vibe that suggests not all is as it appears, players can define The twilight zone disturbing theme as air of their island. Since the classic TV anthology spans multiple genres and incorporates elements of horror, sci-fi, surrealism, and fantasy, it’s an incredibly versatile town tune that fits many different island themes, delivering the perfect spooky melody that can chill visitors and make them suspicious. horrors that lurk on the otherwise merry Animal Crossing: New Horizons Isle.

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