Among Us VR gives the hugely popular game a whole new perspective

One of the biggest surprises at the 2021 Game Awards was the revelation that Among us enters the field of virtual reality. Among us VR was revealed with a brief trailer mid-Game Awards, and while that didn’t show much, most of us probably have a pretty good grasp of the original game to imagine what a version will be. in virtual reality of the game Like.

Inner laziness

A whole new reality for Among Us

Still, it’s nice to take a peek at the game, and that’s precisely what we have in this short trailer for The Game Awards. In it, we can see the player character performing tasks in the iconic spaceship – this time rendered in 3D – before being attacked by the impostor. Sadly, that’s all the trailer gives us, but if the purpose of the trailer was to get the average fan of us excited about a future VR title, which we got was really all we needed to see.

The switch to virtual reality might even bring some survival horror vibes that the standard game lacks. Unfortunately, the details are pretty slim at this point. At the end of the trailer, it is revealed that the game will be arriving on Meta Quest 2, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR, but there is no release date yet.

On his blog, developer Innersloth tells us that the VR version will support multiplayer, but unsurprisingly, there won’t be any cross-play between the VR version and the standard version. Instead, when playing VR you will only be playing with other VR players, united in your quest to repair your ship and avoid impostors among your crew.

What is there among us?

For those who don’t know what Among us is that it is essentially a video game version of the board game Mafia (otherwise called werewolf). Mafia Usually played in person, with the players divided into two groups: the villagers and the Mafiosi. This mafiosi is playing a game of deception, trying to impersonate ordinary villagers while choosing a villager to kill each night. Every day, the villagers are informed of who was killed and try to determine who the impostors are, eliminating those whom the majority suspect.

Among us preserves the structure of Mafia, but place the game in space and move the scenery from a village to a spaceship. Regular players are given a series of tasks to complete, while impostors must kill the crew while avoiding suspicion. If the crew completes all of their objectives or eliminates all impostors, they win the game. If the imposters manage to kill the crew members before they finish their tasks or manage to start a disaster on the ship, they win.

Among us has been around since 2018, but its popularity skyrocketed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when large numbers of potential gamers were stuck at home and couldn’t play board games like Mafia in person. Now that we’ve reached the point where the Among Us brand can expand beyond its original medium, it’s time to make the leap to the next most logical place: virtual reality. Are you going to discover this game when it is released to the public?

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