Advantages and disadvantages of having a protagonist who is not a link

Link is the face of The Legend of Zelda series, but what if another character takes the Master Sword and goes on a journey to fight Ganon?

THE Legend of Zelda The series has Link as the protagonist from the start, but what if the series decides to go in a different direction and put a different character in charge? Link is one of the most iconic characters in video game history and that’s probably why Nintendo will continue to use him as the main character in THE Legend of Zelda series, but a one-off revamp could make for an interesting game and keep things fresh.

There was a lot of speculation that the unnamed sequel to Breath of the wild would feature Zelda as a playable character. That’s because she featured prominently in the first trailer. Zelda also had the chance to show off her talent on the battlefield by Age of Calamity, where she used her magic to detonate armies of moblins. It looks like Zelda won’t be leading the Breath of the wild sequel, as the second trailer for the game showed some gameplay footage, and it seemed to be entirely Link-focused.


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Following Breath of the wild is supposed to launch in 2022 and there may be a third entry in the future. THE Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most successful proprietary franchises and it likely won’t get anywhere, especially given the commercial and critical success of Breath of the wild. The series doesn’t need Link to produce top quality titles, and there is potential in one. The legend of Zelda game without him, but there is also a risk in leaving such a popular character behind.

PRO: it’s a chance to use Zelda characters with a different playstyle

Young Impa Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Breath of the Wild

Link faced the whole mainline The legend of Zelda games and most of the spinoffs. His playstyle changed depending on the material of the time, but he remained a weapon user with a few magical items that can mimic other effects, such as the ice wand acting the same as a comes out in A link to the past. Link spends most games acting like an agile sword-and-shield-wielding fighter, switching to ranged weapons (like the bow) when the situation calls for it.

A The legend of Zelda game that used a character with a different playstyle would help shake up the established formula. A playable character who uses spells would have a lot more variety in their attacks, but wouldn’t be as agile or durable. A character like Linkle (Link’s sister in Hyrule Warriors) who uses twin crossbows would be almost like a weapon carrier, with a long reload time when there are no more bolts. A version of Sheik fighting with the harp could be like an armed version of how the Ocarina works in Ocarina of time, the player creating different effects by playing different melodies.

This is how the hunting horn weapon works in the Monster hunter series and it would be a great choice for a The legend of Zelda Game. This could be extended with a full party system, which was once intended for A link to the past. The player can control a group of characters and use their individual talents to solve puzzles and circumvent dangers.

CON: Changing Zelda’s playstyle too much takes away her identity

Game Awards 2021 Legend Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 missing Why Pokemon Legends Arceus Nintendo

THE Legend of Zelda is one of the most influential franchises in video game history. It has inspired many titles and has been referenced countless times, both in proprietary Nintendo franchises and in games created by the competition. As such, there are many The legend of Zelda format in the world, with aspects of its gameplay and story structure expanded, parodied and copied. One of the reasons the series has thrived over the years is that it has maintained a specific gameplay loop, related to the way Link explores and fights.

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If there was a drastic change in the style of play, the series would lose part of its identity. Even multiplayer The legend of Zelda games (like Heroes of the three forces) gave players a bunch of Bonds to play with and differentiated them by their gear. THE Legend of Zelda games that allowed the player to use other playable characters (such as Hyrule Cadence and Hyrule Warriors) belong to different genres, so it’s not as shocking when the player is chosen for someone other than Link.

PRO: Character-Focused Stories & Zelda’s Turn In The Spotlight

Princess Zelda in Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity

The candidate of choice for a place of protagonist in a The legend of Zelda game that is not Link is Princess Zelda herself. She’s been the damsel in distress several times on the show, and she deserves her chance to use her arcane magic to take down some villains, just like she did in the show. Hyrule Warriors Games. There have been cases in THE Legend of Zelda timeline where a version of Link died, leaving Hyrule helpless. That would be an interesting premise for a game where Link was killed by Ganondorf, and Princess Zelda has to become the hero in his stead.

There are many interesting storytelling opportunities with alternate protagonists in one. The legend of Zelda Game. A story where a young Ganondorf learns of his fate and the player guides his journey down the Dark Road might be a great idea for a villainous protagonist. A character like Linkle might have light adventures in Hyrule, showing a version of the realm that is not threatened with destruction, similar to the Satellaview. The legend of Zelda Games. A different protagonist could lead to all kinds of interesting things The legend of Zelda games and would make a good entry of breath, before Link returns in the next match.

CON: Part of Link’s appeal in Zelda is imagining his personality

One of the advantages of a silent protagonist is that the player puts their voice into the character’s mind and can imagine their reaction in different situations. Giving a voice to a character runs the risk of being hated by audiences, whether it’s having an annoying voice or an unattractive personality. Link himself fell victim to it, during his animated debut in THE Legend of Zelda segments of The super show of Super Mario Bros.. This version of Link was crawling on Princess Zelda all the time and had a boring catchphrase, which gained memetic status in the fan community.

The same goes for Link’s vocal appearances in the CD-i. The legend of Zelda Games. Having a character with a distinct personality might alter the audience’s perception of the story, as many fans appreciate the fact that they are the hero of THE Legend of Zelda games, and are free to imagine their version of Link.

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