9 video games so addicting you can’t stop gambling, what’s your downfall?


“Come on, just one more recreation” is the word that perfectly defines this number of unlikely video games.

Video games they were born to give us hours and hours of laughter, and his first video games for arcades, the usual element was once all the time provide. It’s part of the DNA of video games, as long as their monetization was once in line with getting the player to deposit an increasing amount of money to really experience that adrenaline rush again. An impact that some mainstream media have used all the time to generate other controversies.

On the other hand, at some distance from the discourse on the problems derived from poor control of online gaming consumption, it is clear that there are few more pleasurable feelings about this interest than discovering ourselves a recreation that we cannot help but play. This second after we decided to skip the game a few hours ago, we avoided repeating “just one more to come”.

The addictive element in video games is part of their DNAIt’s hard to make a small number of those in control to catch us probably the most, those who lived the age of the arcade they usually needed to scratch their wallets after some inventive wording to persuade our elders and grandparents to provide us with money to deposit into the system, they know exactly what that feeling is like. Video games like Steel Slug o Cadillac and Dinosaurs They would not allow us to stop paying money until they managed to completely empty our wallet.

This adrenaline and the moment really wanna feel it one more timePrevent video games like Side Road Fighter II and Mortal Kombat, they added the element of pike with buddies, whereby we didn’t more easily perform the piece we threw to challenge our rival, we played our status within the native. However before them, classics like Percent-Guy, Galaga, House Invaders, Galaxian or Donkey Kong They got that kind of hook from the players the town legends were talking about rarity of coins 100 yen in Japan.

After the arcade times, got here cyber cafe technology, and with them a comprehensive PC video game technology that keeps us captivated throughout hours and hours while we were talking loudly with our friends and opponents. Counter Strike, Unreal Match, Zone Quake 3, were probably the most vintage photographs with which the hours have flown.

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To let you know about this impact, and probably the greatest number of video games whose experience has been controlled to probably catch us the most recently, we have made a unique video by which we have amassed probably the most famous, the Giant MOBA like League of Legends or DOTA 2, the endless universe of World of Warcraft or control video games like Football supervisor, were some of those we highlighted then.

However, that adrenaline rush and the moment of really wanting to feel it all over again has not gone away over time and. the upward push of the independent market has reintroduced genres like roguelike, which take the hitch thought through all the other stages. Since they gave us so many hours, sleepless nights and longer classes than we want to imagine, we had to come together some of the video games that can just be a real vice.

Loop hero

Loop hero Loop Hero was once well known for the extent of habit it generated, it is a roguelite that combines RPG elements, with playing cards, useful resource control and building development, being ready to make a choice among other characters to resist the bosses. The loot, punishment, and its brief recreation feature mean we can’t stop the game.

Cookie clicker

Cookie clicker This is probably one of the latest viral phenomena, an easy presentation recreation with a huge number of goals that inspire you to go as far as possible. Hours pass by, with a movement that most often occurs routinely, we go from pressing the button to bake cookies to a more convenient command that makes us need more.

Diablo II: Risen

Diablo II: Risen Diablo II is again and he’s played it with an overly recreation-friendly remake of the unique one, and while we were able to fit any recreation of the style into this record, it was once Diablo II that scored many times. people after discovering that stimulating to feel after opening the chests and finding a new device for our character. An unparalleled feeling.

Chance of rain 2

Chance of rain 2 The first Chance of Rain has already stood out for the way its roguelike movement device has become addicting, but the second most practical installment manages to strengthen the components, in a co-op shooter with up to 4 players, packed loot, bosses to face and an evolving problem, whole substances to get addicted to and now not pass up.

Kill the arrow

Kill the arrow Slay the Spire probably mixes the most addicting genres in its mechanics to pull off a tough casting and recreation, in a card roguelike that gets us to build a deck by opting for masses of playing cards. A recreation of cards for a participant that gives rewarding and extremely stimulating fun, keeping us inside from the start.

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy Super Meat Boy arrived over a decade ago with a unique proposition of platforms where every space we must triumph over is a problem, the mechanics are simple and really effective: you watch, you die, you can temporarily reborn and you watch again until you get it. A cycle that helps us stay trapped in an ongoing and truly rewarding problem.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero Despite the fact that Guitar Hero was once who was before and after, the truth is that all rhythmic musical games share this kind of hook. While the melody is playing, you need to apply the beat so that other icons have compatibility over time with evolving problem ranges where you don’t stop striving for perfection.


Pokemon Pokémon has mixed the collectibles with the RPG, encouraging us each to complete the record of creatures to own and take them to the best level to fight with them, two mechanics that have been improved thanks to the truth with the ability to play -it anywhere and share with our friends, an item that continues to serve completely after 25 years.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Have an effect on MiHoYo’s open global role-playing game has managed to attract a lot of players with a fantastic movement and travel game, with easy access for someone who needs to check it out, due to its free monetization and a very addicting game. not unusual device for all gacha, with the constant thrill of having higher characters.

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