5 anime we claim never happened


There are anime that viewers rage and rebel against like the worst anime ever, but there are also the ones that everyone seems to hide and agree to never talk again, as if they hadn’t. never been created. While they weren’t necessarily horrible, these anime were generally huge disappointments as sequels, adaptations, and what could have been.

Not bad enough to do the “worst” but just “meh” enough for the public to simply ignore it. Of Gantz To As Lawyer, these anime have just as many fans who don’t know they exist as they do fans who are desperately trying to make this non-existence a reality.

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Tohno Shiki from new Tsukihime Piece of Blue Glass Moon remake trailer

Tsukihime is an adaptation of a visual novel by Kinoko Nasu, the creator of Destiny / stay Night franchise. The game debuted in 2000 and was adapted into an anime in 2003. The plot follows a young man who, through serious injury, acquires the ability to see the lines of death, or the connections between life and the death. This power leads him into the dark secrets of his own family as well as the vampire world, which is currently split in two. There are five main roads in the game with more than one ending for most roads.

However, the anime, Lunar legend of Tsukihime, offers only one route, which many see as the most generic and predictable, and takes considerable liberties with the plot, leading many to ignore its existence and stick with the game. in place. However, the Tsukihime the game itself has had a recent remake, so maybe a new anime adaptation is on the way as well. Studio Ufotable animated the game’s new opening sequence and recently completed the adaptation Fate / stay Night: Heaven’s Feel, so there’s certainly hope the studio may decide to tackle an anime reboot of Tsukihime, just as they took over Studio Deen’s adaptation of Destiny / stay Night.

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Re: Creators

Altair joins the creators of Re

Re: Creators was one of the first big attempts at reverse isekai, and for a while it seemed like Studio Troyca got it right. The mix of characters from different genres along with the overall character design and production quality made the show stand out during the fall 2017 season until it just died out. In the series, high school student Sota casually watches his favorite anime one night as he finds himself in another world where the main protagonist and an unknown girl in traditional Japanese armor are fighting.

When he returns to his own world, he accidentally brings the two with him. It turns out that fictional characters of different genres have appeared all over town and are causing chaos like only magical girls and tricksters can. It’s a cool concept, but the plot and dragging storyline aren’t always interesting. Re: Creators is an isekai that time has forgotten and no one seems eager to remember him.

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As Lawyer

Anime Ace Attorney Season 2 Full Cast

As Lawyer has been a play, musical, live action film, anime, and more. You’d expect an animated series based on something so popular to be amazing, but the 2016 anime As Lawyer was, by the end of it all, quite forgettable. Game adaptations often struggle to incorporate gameplay mechanics into anime. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a As Lawyer the game is real courtroom action, but the emotion and obscene amount of helping hands that are hilarious in the game didn’t translate well, and the chances the anime had to develop the story outside the courtroom didn’t add the depth of the character or story it should have.

There’s nothing exciting about the animation as well, which is odd considering the funding that should have been available. Ultimately, the As Lawyer the anime is just plain bland, especially for newcomers to the series, which is ridiculous considering the color of the source material. While people once fantasized about a As Lawyer anime coming to life, their hopes were thankfully not dashed, but poorly realized.

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Steins; Gate 0

Steins; Gate is a cult classic, but Steins; Gate 0 is one of those anime that is never mentioned. Based on the video game sequel to the original, Steins; Gate 0, which aired in 2018, is an exploration of other possibilities arising from the Steins; Gate series. In 0, Rintaro Okabe is unable to save Kurisu’s life as it would be tantamount to inviting war. Rintaro, who is a student in this timeline, suffers trauma and guilt over his decision, but comes to terms with the fact that he cannot change the past to save Kurisu.

After a few months, Rintaro meets fellow Kurisu who have placed his consciousness in an android named Amadeus and agrees to help him develop it. After twisting and flipping Steins; Gate, it is no wonder that the change of tone in 0 threw people. While Steins; Gate is no stranger to grief, the ultimate happy ending with Mayuri and Rintaro is very much at odds with the nature of Steins; Gate 0. Since this is just another possible timeline, many fans choose to ignore it.

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Gantz anime poster

To be a relatively well-known work, many people seem to wish that the Gantz the anime no longer exists. The manga follows two teenage boys, Kei and Masaru, who are part of an afterlife “game” after being hit by a train. In the game, a man called Gantz informs them that their life is his and that they must use advanced weapons to kill aliens on Earth that normal humans cannot see. There is a mission-related point system that can cause the participant to bring back a dead teammate or even revive themselves.

The 2004 anime takes some creative liberties that actually led to its censorship, such as lending a character an evil nature by causing him to become sexually aroused by imagining the girls in his class without clothes in enough detail for it to be judged. inappropriate, even for a mature show. Many characters are never really fleshed out, the animation does not match the quality of the manga art, and the pace of the anime makes it difficult to invest, all complemented by a conclusion seen as poorly done and a reason enough to completely ignore the anime. There are other points of view Gantz, such as live-action movies and video games, which can provide a more satisfying adaptation and keep the anime forgotten.

While none of the above anime are necessarily vilified – it’s not uncommon to find people who enjoyed them – they’ve nonetheless barely left a scratch in the public consciousness. Tsukihime was to be eclipsed by Nase’s other works, and the fact that it could be the subject of a remake shows how unimportant that was. Re: Creators’ the inability to make a dent in isekai’s world shows how badly they’ve handled their story. As Lawyer couldn’t capture the feeling of the game, while Steins; Gate 0 left people happier remembering the end of the original anime instead. And, while some enjoyed most of the Gantz anime, the ending doesn’t hold up and the general consensus is to just read the manga. None of these anime had an impact on their genre or audience, except perhaps for recommending reverting to the source material. These are anime we want to forget and maybe it’s best this way.

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