4 popular streamers who were harassed while playing Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the sweatiest games in the world. Streaming it regularly is a difficult task for many streamers and content creators. There have been several occasions where streamers have been sniped and dragged unnecessarily.

As a result, it’s common to see streamers tripping while playing Fortnite. They usually handle such situations well, but there are times when they eventually quit.

Popular streamers who have been harassed while playing Fortnite

1) Dr Disrespect

Even the most ruthless video gamer in history couldn’t escape Fortnite’s sniper toxicity. Dr DisRespect has rarely played Epic Games’ battle royale title. But during one of his streams in 2018, a sniper stream named “DrCheatsOnWife” took him down and did an offensive dance emote.

Such an act was definitely outdated as it related to Doc’s personal life. Dr. DisRespect tried not to react but hid the sniper’s name when they took him out the second time around.

It was obvious that Two Time was not comfortable during the incident. Many fans have complained about the state of the Fortnite community.

2) Ninjas

Unfortunately, a streamer like Ninja, who played the biggest role in popularizing Fortnite, is constantly subject to stream sniping. Blevins quit playing the game during Chapter 2, and every time he tried to come back, the snipers ruined his experience.

There were many occasions where Ninja couldn’t control his anger, and he eventually quit. It’s no surprise that he no longer streams Fortnite regularly and only plays with fellow streamers like SypherPK and CouRage.

Before his biggest break with Fortnite, Ninja was so enraged that he got into an argument with a bystander as well.

3) Tfue

At the time, Tfue was the most popular and skilled Fortnite player in the world. However, with popularity comes unnecessary criticism, hate, and stream snipers. Dealing with toxic viewers can always hurt the mental health of streamers, and Tfue is no exception.

In 2019, Tfue was constantly being taken out by stream snipers. The streamer finally lost his temper and spoke out against controller players and the overall state of the game.

4) Courage J.D.

Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop is one of the most outgoing and cheerful streamers. Therefore, it was surprising that he quit a Fortnite game in a $400,000 tournament.

CouRage’s disappointment was undoubtedly valid, as a BRUTE Mech took him out. The overpowered machines had entirely ruined the Season X meta, which is why it is also considered one of the worst seasons ever.

Even today, streaming Fortnite is a lot harder than it looks. The lobbies are not only full of sweaty gamers, but also several toxic snipers who intentionally want to ruin the big name experience.

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