10 worst things about popular video game genres

Popularity is not always synonymous with quality.

What’s popular today may not stand the test of time, and while it’s reasonable to say that video games are more than just a passing curiosity at this point, there are a handful of genres under. the broader umbrella of virtual entertainment that have maintained their high status from their humble beginnings.

Text-based RPGs have evolved into fully realized open-world offerings, and racing games have grown from janky, top-down business to outright simulation. There is something for everyone in the video game business, with people all over the world discovering a handful of the games they hold dear.

However, the refinement of each respective category of games has not been free from errors and inconvenience. Medium definition titles are so rare in number. The pitfalls of modern gaming are still present in abundance, and it seems like every popular gaming genre has a run-of-the-mill frustrations or two.

There are games that break new ground and games that follow, but many pioneering developers and their projects have flaws that are replicated by others trying to create something themselves.

Video games are amazing, but there is always room for improvement.

Perhaps most of all, games are meant to be fun. That’s not to say they can’t be hard-hitting or educational, as so much of our world’s history comes from war. As such, realism is placed on a pedestal, bringing players as close to combat as possible.

Heavy storylines, malfunctioning weapons, and realistic ball flight all conform to real combat, but this philosophy, when implemented in games, often comes at the expense of fun. As good as games like Metro Exodus, STALKER, and Far Cry 2 can be, adding such realistic elements only hinders the overall enjoyment.

Fairness and competition (whether online or in PvE) are surely far more important to the basic design of a first-person shooter, which is often squeezed out in favor of a “realistic” experience. .

Placing an AAA sortie in the trenches of World War I or the complex war zones of modern conflicts can carry a significant emotional weight that is grounded in reality. The problem is when the gameplay tries to mimic the real world storyline, and in turn this becomes a chore to play.

Gameplay is the vessel for which the most fun out of a game can be extracted, so it is crucial to design the fundamentals of the game in a way that maintains a sense of realism without ever losing its fun.

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