10 rising women’s game channels to watch

There is massive saturation of the Let’s Players video game on YouTube. From Markipler to Jacksepticeye to Hollow. They all manage to entertain audiences and have strong and well-deserved fanbases. However, it should be noted that most of the biggest gaming YouTube channels are hosted by men.

Over the years, new female-hosted channels have taken off, but unfortunately they don’t get the same multi-million fanbases. Plus, thanks to YouTube’s algorithm, those women who put a lot of time, effort, and talent into their content are overshadowed by the bigger YouTubers.


View of MegMage in her gaming office

Currently, with just over 25,000 subscribers, MegMage takes the approach of having fairly long episodes that last over an hour. As a result, her videos almost look like binge-watching sessions since not only does she play games such as The Witcher III and Horizon: West forbiddenshe is quite sweet and fun.


For those looking for variety, MegMage also does reaction videos, including her reactions to entire movies. For example, MegMage has gone through the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie timeline.


View of Alliebeemac in his gaming office

In reality, Alliebeemac is more of a Twitch streamer who plays everything Marvel’s Spiderman for Life is Strange: True Colors from iconic survival horror games such as Alan Wake. However, she uploads her VOD streams to a YouTube channel.

As a result, some of Allie’s episodes are up to three hours long. Fortunately, Allie brings genuine joy, energy and humor combined with heartfelt reactions.


View of JazzyGuns in front of the Mafia III splash screen

Jasmine and her husband Dwayne run their own YouTube channel covering all things nerdy and pop culture. However, Jasmine has her gaming channel known as JazzyGuns with over 535,000 subscribers and on this channel, Jasmine plays just about anything.

Recently she played Mafia 3new Evil Dead: The Game with all its cinematographic references, and Ghostwire: Tokyo. Jasmine not only provides a wide variety of video game content, but also other types of videos, including Tier Lists. Along the way, Jasmine brings great energy and it’s obvious she’s having fun, which makes her even more entertaining for the viewer.


View of CacophonyandDiscord in its gaming desktop

This is a great channel for horror game fanatics as this is Dani’s main content on cacophonyanddiscord when it comes to gaming parties. However, she got into adjoining horror games such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Dani played until the end transmitted by blood, silent Hill, Ring of Elden, Back 4 Blood, fatal frameand more.

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This earned him a strong fanbase of over 138,000 and growing. This is likely due to his more laid back demeanor which is usually followed by a well-delivered humor which makes Dani easy on the eyes. As a bonus, Dani also directs the second-hand cosplay music video which is fun to watch.

Sarah Carlos

View of Sarah Carlos in her gaming office

With just over 114,000 subscribers, Sarah Carlos has been providing content for over two years. His first playthrough series was on the Final Fantasy VII Remake and after that she played The Last of Us Part II. From there, Sarah covered many more games in different genres.

Sarah isn’t just a gamer, as she’s also done product reviews, given makeup tutorials, unboxed, and gotten a few reactions. One of her most notable unboxing videos featured her introducing several of Galaxy’s Edge Legacy lightsabers.


View of Symbalily in his gaming office

Symbaly has only been around for over a year and it has already garnered over 40,000 subscribers. It’s a sign of how entertaining she is, giving a calm and sweet vibe while she plays, but she matches it with heartfelt reactions to what she’s playing.

Symbalily launched their channel with several big hits, including Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. One of his most memorable recent series was transmitted by blood. It was his first experience with one of Soulsborne’s infamously difficult games. As any fan will confirm, transmitted by blood is one of the hardest of its kind.


View of Jonesy in his gaming office

One of the most recent chains to start, Jonesy reached nearly 6,000 subscribers through videos streaming many modern classics. To fight the many difficult bosses in transmitted by blood to see Kratos’ journey through the classic God of the war trilogy.

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As she says, Jonesy is not an elite player, she’s just someone who tries to have fun and share it with the world. She does just that with a dazzling smile and an equally brilliant attitude, even when she’s scared to death in horror games.


View of QueenTofu in her gaming office

This is another channel that offers a wide variety of different games. Since Titanfall 2 for life is strange for The shadow of the colossus. QueenTofu has grown to over 118,000 subscribers and she is giving a warning on her channel that she tends to swear and cries a lot.

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These are two qualities that explain why every video she makes is a joy. This is another instance where it’s easy to see that Tofu has fun with every video and isn’t afraid to show it. So when she smiles or laughs, it’s hard not to join her, but that also goes for her tears, which can sometimes be heartbreaking.


View of Marz in his gaming office

One of the highest number of subscribers, March has nearly 600,000 subscribers. Marz is one of the most down-to-earth players and similar to Jonesy, she’s not trying to be that loud internet personality. She’s simply a player trying to share her experiences with the world and her charm is hard to resist.

Present for over four years, Marz has supported many different games and conquered franchises. Horror games such as Outlast and several famous games based on superheroes, including the Arkham games and Marvel’s Spiderman this is just a small sample of the plethora of titles covered by Marz.

LiteWeight Game

View of LiteWeight Gaming in his gaming office

LiteWeight Game is a full-time YouTube gamer and mom who has over 62,000 subscribers. The journey took her through Red Dead Redemption II which is one of his biggest series although his recent Grand Theft Auto V the videos caused a stir. Where LiteWeight Gaming shines is that it has such a bright, positive energy that can make anyone’s day a better one.

Her authentic responses to events in games will have anyone cheering her on or hugging her. Plus, she admits she’s far from an expert gamer, which makes some of her parts fun to watch, especially if it’s a game where she has to drive or if it’s something more difficult as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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