10 games to play if you like dark souls

dark souls was released in 2011 and took the gaming world by storm. Its creative design, eerily beautiful tone, and relentless difficulty all served to carve out a niche that few other games filled. Players flocked dark souls, making it and its sequels some of the most beloved games of the 2010s.

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However, after playing dark souls and its sequels, it can be hard to find other games that scratch the same itch. Nonetheless, there are plenty of games that echo aspects of the series across a variety of genres, ready to engage and test players to their limits.

ten Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice comes from the same director

Sekiro uses the Shinobi prosthesis to throw firecrackers in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Although it is unlikely that he will return to souls series, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has never been idle. His first project after Dark Souls III was a stealth action game by the name of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, set in the Sengoku period of Japanese history.

The game was deliberately designed to stand out from dark souls but nonetheless appeals to many of the same sensibilities. While its combat, stealth, and progression systems are all new, it’s still brutally challenging, rewarding to explore, and beautiful and gruesome in equal measure.

9 Darkest Dungeon takes tone and difficulty into a new genre

A group fights a group of undead in the game Darkest Dungeon

Although the action-RPG gameplay of dark souls is what the series is best known for, it’s far from the only notable thing about the series. Many fans of the franchise appreciate its dark fantasy styles and dark stories that blend fantasy with cosmic horror.

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Despite being entirely different in terms of gameplay, darkest dungeon remind him dark souls Games. Rather, it has an even darker setting with a darker and more gruesome plot. Moreover, it may be more difficult than dark souls, rewarding fans who are willing to roll with the punches and be persistent.

8 Monster Hunter: The world is bigger and wackier, but familiar

A hunter battles a Deviljho in Monster Hunter: World

dark souls isn’t the only acclaimed Japanese action-RPG franchise with challenging combat and beautiful visuals. the monster hunter the franchise was something of a niche game property, before exploding with Monster Hunter: World.

The games are largely opposite in tone. World is more optimistic, silly and simply bigger. For example, the average enemy is the size of a dinosaur. Nonetheless, the game has well-developed combat with a variety of weapons that reward mastery and study of bosses. So fans of dark souls should find the most accessible entry in the series perfectly enjoyable.

seven Shadow Of The Colossus is dark fantasy art

Wander fights a colossus in the game Shadow of the Colossus

As one of the most acclaimed video games ever released, most gamers have heard of The shadow of the colossus, even though they have never played it. dark souls fans will likely find a lot of things they enjoy if they try it. Although the game lacks the visceral back-and-forth combat of the souls franchise, it replaces it with a fun puzzle system to figure out the right way to kill the massive colossi.

What the game lacks resemblance to dark souls‘ gameplay, it makes up for in story and setting. Set in its own dark fantasy world, the game uses an equally minimalist story that’s open to many interpretations, while also being highly evocative.

6 The Surge is directly inspired by Dark Souls

A player exploring a new region of the world in the game Surge

In the wake of the souls franchise, a large number of “Soulslikes” games have appeared. They all considered using similar gameplay mechanics and loops in hopes of tapping into the new market. The surge and its sequel Surge 2 moves away from the medieval fantasy familiar from many of these games and instead takes a sci-fi approach.

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With the player battling robots in a future where humanity has exhausted Earth’s resources, The surge manages to hit a note similar to dark souls without cloning its history. Additionally, its gameplay features several changes and innovations that have been noted to set it apart from others in the genre, making it a familiar yet different experience for gamers.

5 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is as dark as Star Wars can get

Cal Kestis prepares to attack an Imperial facility in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

In star wars games, being a Jedi is something of a power fantasy. The player can walk through hordes of enemies and devastate them with lightsabers and force powers. Jedi: Fallen Order takes a different approach, making player character Cal Kestis a struggling character who struggles to survive against the forces of the Empire.

The gameplay takes clear winks from dark souls and even remember sekiro, with an emphasis on blocking and parrying against other melee enemies. The story is also dark with moments of genuine terror. However, it is also more balanced with elements of optimism. Nevertheless, for fans of both star wars and dark souls, Jedi: Fallen Order is the game of choice.

4 Dead Cells is a 2D side-scroller with Souls Combat

The player fighting his enemies in the game Dead Cells

Not all action games recall dark souls is a 3D action RPG. dead cells is instead a 2D side-scrolling rogue-lite that projects the player as a mass of cells inhabiting a decapitated corpse. The game is frenetic and fast-paced, but also rewards players who think about the best approach to a problem, giving them a random toolbox of weapons to fight their enemies.

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From its dark tone, tense combat, memorization of boss attacks to its drip story, dead cells is a game that will remind fans dark souls while being its own entity with its own appeal.

3 Nioh is Team Ninja’s take on the formula

William Adams fights a Yokai in the game Nioh

Team Ninja is the well-known team behind a number of other acclaimed game series, such as Gaiden ninja series. In 2017, they released a game with unmistakable nods to souls franchise in the form of nioh, a historical action RPG where the player fights during the Sengoku period as the historical figure William Adams – one of the very first western samurai.

Also bearing an unmistakable resemblance to sekiro in its setting and its history, nioh bridges the gap between the two, and its combat is much closer to the old series. Although its story was the subject of criticism, its gameplay was noted for being a unique take on the formula and earned praise.

2 Bloodborne is the director’s own evolution of Dark Souls

The hunter in a graveyard in Yharnam Bloodborne

transmitted by blood was director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s first project after dark souls, which varied the game’s formula while having much in common with the latter game. It trades in medieval fantasy for a gothic, Victorian aesthetic, adding weaponry and weird science to familiar gruesome monsters, occult ritualism, and visceral terror. .

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transmitted by blood is often considered an honorary game in the souls series, creating the “Soulsborne” name for the franchise. Despite this, and despite the reward dark souls fans find him to play, he really is his own beast.

1 Hollow Knight is challenging, gripping and acclaimed

The knight fighting an enemy in the game Hollow Knight

Another 2D side-scrolling action game, hollow knight also adds elements of role-playing games and the “Metroidvania” genre to create a unique gaming experience. The game has received critical acclaim, including being described as “true art”, renowned for being beautiful, challenging, and extremely rewarding.

The game tests many of the same skills tested by dark souls, including timing, recognizing boss patterns, navigating a sprawling world, and perseverance. Although far from being a scam dark souls, both are likely to appeal to the same players, and hollow knight is widely considered worth the time it takes to complete.

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