10 features missing from modern sports games

Over the years, sports games – mainly Madden – have introduced and reintroduced features to make their gameplay more immersive. Madden’s introduction of the “Hit Stick” in Madden 2005 was a game-changer, as was that of NBA 2K. My career fashion. However, today’s sports games still lack certain features. We have already seen some of them and they should be brought back.

For this list, all the good features that modern sports games lack are on the table. It doesn’t matter if they are part of older games or have never been implemented before, if they will positively add to the gaming experience they are on the list – or at least considered.


First person camera 10/10

ESPN NFL 2K5 is hands down the best sports game ever, and its introduction of a first-person camera has made its version of NFL football the most immersive. You had to see the pitch through the eyes of the players, and the camera automatically changed depending on who had the ball. Player names appeared on the interior padding of each helmet so you knew who you were controlling, and red arrows appeared on screen to alert you where tacklers were coming from so you could avoid getting hit.

Modern sports games like EA’s Madden and NHL franchises are expected to implement this camera. It would be awesome to skate around the ice at Staples Center and get a first-person view of smashing a guy on the boards while the local fans cheer. Madden should adopt this camera angle or at least make it available in his career mode.

9/10 Include actual minor league ballparks

For years, games like MLB: The Show and EA’s NHL have included minor league teams, but only the NHL has included their actual homes. MLB: The Show already lets you make your dream stadium, but when it comes to playing as minor league teams, you’re just playing in generic stadiums. The Show’s career mode involves your player being drafted and going through the minor leagues in hopes of being called up to – and staying in – the big league. So being able to play in your team’s minor league ballpark would add to the excitement of being called up.

As someone who grew up in Syracuse, NY, home of the AAA Mets, it would be great to play a real game in a digital version of the stadium I’ve watched many baseball games in. You can choose who you will be drafted by if you don’t want the draft to be random. If you are someone who also lives in a minor league town, you should be able to play in your hometown stadium. Even if you don’t, their inclusion just adds more realism to the game itself.

8/10 Add team-specific entries

Seeing your team take the field should fill you with hype and including the entry of your favorite team should do just that. If you’re playing as the Cowboys show them walking through the fan tunnel at AT&T Stadium, if you’re playing as the Lakers, the giant white sheet should fall on center court and project team highlights and player intros . Each arena or stadium you enter should have its own atmosphere and having team specific intros would help give them that. EA’s NHL games already do this, and 2K’s NBA series includes pre-game lore like the bell ringing in Philadelphia.

But it would be cool to play with the Atlanta Falcons in Madden and see some guys running through smoke and pyro. Playing old NCAA football games and seeing Notre Dame players press the ‘Play Like a Champ Today’ sign as they walked onto the field really showed what a lot of people love about the sport. . If a type of sports game can have them, then all sports games – whose sports have these types of entries – should have them.

7/10 Include college games outside of career mode

Part of the reason it’s not higher on our list is that we’ll have a new NCAA football game next July – finally – so the need to play college games in Madden is reduced. However, playing college basketball in NBA 2K for real colleges is a ray of light in his career mode.

It would be great to be able to play college games outside of career mode and depending on who gets drafted in real life and what schools are available, 2K would have already developed some player models. With college players now able to leverage their name and likeness, 2K may add actual rosters outside of possible player(s) who were recently drafted.

6/10 Move minor league teams to new cities

When moving a team to Madden, you can choose from a list of cities, including those outside of the country, such as Mexico City and London. However, each city has a different market size which includes different types of fan bases. Some may be more receptive to a team than others. Sports leagues such as minor league teams in the MLB, NHL, and NBA are used to develop prospects, and just like their professional affiliates, they are sometimes moved from city to city. It would be great to be able to move your minor league teams around if you want or need to. Modern sports games could introduce benefits such as prospects who are called suffering less fatigue because you brought the minor league team closer to your professional city.

There could also be downsides to moving minor league clubs, such as loss of revenue and upset players if a team is moved too often and wants to be traded. Many variables could be introduced that would give more weight to the decision to move your minor league club.

5/10 Being able to watch Pro Days

Preparation is key in sports and being able to find the franchise’s next cornerstone in the draft is important to your team’s future success. You can read the ratings your scouts have gathered, but depending on your scout’s attributes, their reports may not be as accurate. Seeing the real thing up close might better help you decide who to draft, especially if there are multiple prospects in the same position that scouts have ranked high.

You go to a quarterback’s pro day and you watch them underperform, but the receiver they threw ran some really good routes and caught the passes that were accurate, and you add them to your list leads while the QB you saw live stumbles upon or gets caught. completely. Sports games already have pro days and combine but you don’t attend them, instead you just read the numbers given to you and you don’t really get the full concept of a prospect’s talents . Adding visual pro days and in-game combine scouting turns research into something you can’t wait to do.

4/10 Half-time and post-match interviews

NBA 2K already does a great job of using real audio interviews of select players and coaches during halftime and after games, but Madden and others still fall short in that department.

There are hours of players talking and being interviewed on the field and on the track during and after races and matches, so why not include them like 2K does? It’s weird to win the Daytona 500 and the Super Bowl and not hear players talking to people about winning it all.

3/10 Podcasts to recap the games

There was something great about Madden in the early 2000s. After each week, you can listen to legendary sports radio host Tony Bruno interview various NFL players and coaches and recap the action from the previous week. We’re in the golden age of podcasting, so why not get someone like Kevin Clark from The Ringer and other top podcasters who cover different sports to host a show where they recap injuries, matches, etc. ?

We need something to do each week outside of going through various menus in franchise modes and giving us a weekly show to listen to that recaps all the major game news and notes would be entertaining and informative to listen to.

2/10 Contract deductions

The dreaded recalcitrant. Nothing apart from an injury is worse than when a star player decides not to play unless you give him a new contract. Sports games already allow you to re-sign players during the season, but holdouts aren’t a thing. Implementing them in games adds a new dimension to team building. Imagine having to play a save at a key location because your starter wants more money and safety and the lockout could last all season until you give them a new offer or just trade them.

This can affect your job security and team morale, and possibly prevent players from signing or re-signing with you due to how you view and mistreat certain players. Recalcitrants are a necessary evil in sports games because they add realism to the business side of professional sports while adding a whole new wrinkle when it comes to team building and maintaining a certain level of achievement.

Position Battles 1/10

Position battles are something that takes place in all sports and were once a feature of Madden. If the guys at a certain position had similar or close overall ratings, they would enter a positional battle that lasted throughout the preseason, and whoever had the best stats would start. Each team had a list you could check to see which starting positions were up for grabs. Each sport also has a pre-season so this feature can be implemented in all games. Position battles are a good way to really gauge your team’s composition and depth.

A player might be a 79 overall, but the guy who’s a 77 might have a better completion percentage, be a better hitter against the left-handed pitcher, or be a better 3-point shooter. Position Battles do a great job of highlighting players you might not have thought to start with in the first place, because you think that two ranking points means they’re automatically better at everything.

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