10 Common Misconceptions About The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


THE Legend of Zelda: Breath wild launched to an uproar of praise, and is now considered by many to be the gem of HD 3D Zelda Games. This is partly thanks to the in-game visuals, partly the incredibly deep gameplay, and partly the loose but meaningful story that takes Link forward to the end of Hyrule.

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For a game as popular as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, however, there are still a lot of misconceptions among fans and non-fans alike. It’s a shame too, because even if it’s very different Zelda title, some fans of the series pass it up for his extremely unique take on the franchise.


A misconception about Breath of the wild is actually linked to its development. There was a rumor before the game’s release that there would be an option to play as the female version of Link, the time hero who has been reincarnated several times. It was actually just a joke comment taken out of context by fans. Eiji Aonuma, who heads the Zelda series, called off their joke with an official statement that the trailer link was actually male.

Zelda & Continuity


The Hyrule Historia made a lot of waves when it was released, and not necessarily for good reasons. Fans of the Zelda the series had pieced together vague connections between the games unofficially, but the book’s release made a lot of those canon fan theories. As such, Breath of the wild is the last game to unfold in the entire series, with all of the timelines leading up to its eventuality. However, Hyrule Historia also has a lot of things that either go wrong or outright contradict the games, so you have to take it with a grain of salt.

All Gerudo Males Turn Out Bad


Link rarely meets the male Gerudo on his travels. Technically, the only one that we can meet in Breath of the wild is Calamity Ganon himself, although Ganon no longer takes the form of a Gerudo after all this time. However, Ganondorf is actually a rare outlier of Gerudo males. They are born once in a century, of course, but just because they are meant to rule with great strength, that doesn’t mean every male Gerudo in history was destined to become evil.

It’s not easy for beginners


One of the main things that differs Breath of the wild from others Zelda games is its difficulty. The game has a number of complex systems and pretty much everything is interactive making it an overwhelming gaming experience for newbies.

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However, the controls are intuitive, the mechanics are explained, and the survival mechanics are nowhere near as hardcore as some games. It’s actually pretty easy to figure out – don’t expect everything to be given to you.

Breaking weapons is a tedious mechanic


A thing Breath of the wild done differently from others Zelda games is the ability to smash weapons. Every weapon in the game can shatter when used enough, as indicated by the weapon durability in the menu. It’s a mechanic that can be frustrating at first, but it’s a lot nicer than using the same sword for the entire game. Each weapon has a different set of moves or attributes associated with it, so it’s worth worth trying out a variety of weapons to determine which are the most fun for you.

The game takes 100 hours to complete


Breath of the wild is an interesting case in the Zelda series. Players are theoretically able to take on Calamity Ganon right off the bat, and some particularly skilled players have done so to speed up the game in no time. It can be a long game when you get lost in it, but in the end, it’s only as long as the player wants. If beating the main quest is all that matters, a focused effort can bring down Ganon in 15 hours. Completing each side mission and collecting everything is a whole different story.

Breath of the Wild is a Switch exclusive


It’s simple, but one that not all fans of the series are familiar with. Although it is so often associated with the Nintendo Switch, one can actually buy Breath of the wild on another console as well – the unfortunate Nintendo Wii U.

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The gamepad works pretty much the same as it does in the HD port of Twilight Princess, and Sheikah Slates in-game was specifically modeled with the Wii U gamepad in mind.

the legend of zelda botw princess zelda

A common misconception among casual fans of the Zelda series is that Link and Zelda are, in fact, elves and not people. This comes from two things: their pointy ears and Link’s direct connection to the Kokiri in Ocarina of time. However, Link and Zelda are not people, and they are not elves: they are Hylians. Comparisons to Tolkien’s traditional races are understandable, however, thanks to Link’s elegance in combat and his agile elf-like body.

… and Zelda is a goddess


A common misconception among die-hard fans of the Zelda series is that Zelda herself is the reincarnation of the goddess Hylia. This is based on a translation error from a previous one Zelda title, and in fact, Zelda is just blood from Hylia, not directly the goddess herself. Sometimes it’s easy to dive too deep into the hot shots of video game lore. Most of the time, however, the simplest and least traditionally impacting answers to questions like this are the correct ones.

You have to collect everything to complete the game


People who have not started their adventure in Breath of the wild however, there are things you certainly don’t understand about how progression works. By finding Korok seeds, Link can increase stamina or health, and there are many other collectibles spread throughout Hyrule. However, collecting everything is absolutely not necessary to complete the game. It will make it easier to cross the terrain, defeat enemies and the overall experience, but spending hours collecting items is no idea for anyone. a fun time.

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