10 Best Cooking Games For The Switch

The Nintendo Switch eShop is a treasure trove of games from the most beloved genres, which include RPG and adventure titles. But in addition to having hugely popular games, the Switch is also home to plenty of cooking titles that have stressful, yet fun time management aspects.

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Cooking titles don’t deserve to be overlooked simply because they’re not as multifaceted and dynamic as some of the more popular adventure games. From realistic cooking simulators to high-pressure multiplayer titles, there’s no shortage of great cooking games on the Switch for gamers to check out. Any of the best cooking titles could serve as an entry point to the underrated genre!


Sushi Time (2019)

Customers in front of food in Sushi Time.

Sushi time is reminiscent of the nostalgic flash games played on the humble browser so many years ago. In the game, players are tasked with running a sushi bar and making sure their customers are happy by delivering orders correctly and on time.

The game mechanics are quite simple and there is no solid storyline, which makes Sushi Time the perfect companion for players who want time to pass quickly. With over 60 levels to conquer and 50 types of sushi to discover, players are in for a tasty foodie adventure with Sushi Time.

Cannibal Kitchen (2020)

Key art of cannibal cooking

Cannibal kitchen East Overcookedis its more disturbing and gruesome counterpart. The gameplay borrows heavily from Overcooked series, although Cannibal kitchen does not require players to prepare ingredients.

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All players have to do to satisfy the demands of their hungry customers is slice up tourists and put the collected body parts on a grill to cook. Can accommodate up to four players, Cannibal kitchen is the perfect game night activity for those with a slightly twisted sense of humor.

Cooking Mom: Cookstar (2020)

Cooking Mama Cookstar Nintendo Switch

The sixth part of mom who cooks series, Cookstar, retains most of the main elements of the series. In the game, the eponymous mum guides players through the process of preparing various dishes ranging from seafood curry to Thai rolled ice cream.

Each stage of the dish’s preparation is a timed mini-game, and players’ performance at each particular stage will contribute to the overall rating of the dish. In addition to offering simple mini-games and delicious recipes, Cookstar also allows players to map and take a photo of their creations, which they can then share on their social media pages.

Overcooked (2016)

Prepared food in the game Overcooked

The Switch’s Joy-Cons make it possible to play with friends and loved ones. Gamers looking to introduce a bit of chaos into their life should try the Overcooked series. The gameplay of each Overcooked The title is simple: a team of one to four players is tasked with preparing, cooking and serving various dishes before the customers get impatient and leave the restaurant.

This cooperative game requires each player to work together by communicating correctly and strategizing. Teams that cannot meet customer demands will most likely end up having a howling game, due to the intense pressure of the game. Despite this, the title has received a lot of praise and is often considered one of the best non-violent video games.

Inbento (2019)

Two cats eating at Inbento.

Fans of casual puzzle games should add Inbento to their Nintendo eShop wishlist. Developed by Afterburn, a small game development studio based in Poland, Inbento is a fun game that combines great puzzle mechanics with cute cartoonish visuals.

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The game also features a cute story about cats and parenthood that progresses as players solve the various puzzles. To complete a puzzle, players must reproduce specific images by placing items in a bento box, which becomes more difficult as players solve over 100 puzzles. Inbento it looks like it was made specifically for the Switch, as it works well with the touchscreen and joystick.

Cafeteria Nipponica (2012)

Cover showing characters from Cafeteria Nipponica.

Japanese game developer Kairosoft is known for its isometric pixel art style and deep layered simulation games. In Cafeteria Nipponica, these aspects of the game are pretty obvious, as players are thrown into an 8-bit world where they are in charge of running a restaurant. The popular game has been released since 2012 for Android and iOS operating systems, but has recently been adapted for the Switch, as well as other Kairosoft titles.

To manage the restaurant, players must hire cooks and waiters, as well as determine the dishes to be served. Gamers who enjoy slow-paced titles will find a lot of fun in Cafeteria Nipponicabecause the gameplay only starts from the third or fourth year of the game.

Pokemon Coffee Mix (2020)

Pokémon Cafe Mix Adds Snorlax For First Multiplayer Team Event

the Pokemon The franchise includes a huge selection of titles, core games such as Pokémon Sword and Shield to exciting spin-offs such as Detective Pikachu. Of course, there’s also bound to be a cooking game in the franchise’s vast repertoire. In Pokemon Cafe Mixplayers are responsible for running a cafe where Pokémon can prepare various dishes, drinks, and desserts.

Coffee blend is basically a matching icon puzzle game. By associating icons with their matches, players can complete puzzles and unlock other parts of the cafe. With its cute art style and simple mechanics, Coffee blend provides respite for players who need a break from playing story-driven Pokémon titles.

Battle Leaders Brigade (2017)

Battle Chief Brigade Service Industry Fantasy RPG

At first glance, Battle Leaders Brigade looks like an action-packed RPG platformer. However, at the heart of this game is a surprisingly moving story about valiant warrior leaders who will do whatever it takes to protect their people.

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The game throws players into the region of Victusia, which is a kingdom littered with well-crafted monsters. As a member of the elite Battle Chef Brigade, players are tasked with taking down enemies and turning their leftovers into delicious dishes. With a short but exciting story, Battle Leaders Brigade is an RPG cooking game worth playing for those who love action and adventure.

Automachef (2019)

A screenshot of the Automachef restaurant.

Created by Danish game studio Hermes Interactive, Automachef is one of the most underrated indie video games that deserves more attention. In the game, players manage restaurants that make heavy use of robots and automation. By arranging the robots and machines around the kitchen, players can meet the demands of the restaurant’s futuristic customers.

Automachef is a really fun game, especially for those who like titles with similar game mechanics, like Alan’s automaton workshop and Transport. Using their fast-paced puzzle-solving skills, players can ensure the restaurant stays efficient and customers’ food is prepared in the correct order.

Cook, serve, delicious! 3? ! (2020)

A Burger in Cook, Serve, Delicious!  3?!.

The third title of Cook, serve, delicious! The series takes the franchise to another level. Just like the first two episodes, Cook, serve, delicious! 3? ! asks players to build a successful burger empire from the ground up. However, the game is significantly more story-driven than previous titles.

Set in 2042 America where robotic sous chefs exist, the game is a fun treat for gamers who want a fun and wacky restaurant simulator title. If the game gets too stressful, players can call a friend since the title supports co-op.

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